Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silly week

We had a very laid back week. Nothing too exciting, my kids just hung out and were silly. They are both feeling good (knock on wood) except Ave is getting about 4 teeth on the bottom. Here they are hiding on the couch together in the sunshine. This is their new favorite game!
This is Avery's "I know that" face! Anytime she sees something she recognizes, like Mickey Mouse in this book, she says "Oooooooh!". She's quite the reader. She's always bringing me books and climbing on my lap.
This was her "cougar" outfit that Mom and Kels picked out for her. She looked pretty hilarious in it!
Carter absolutely loves to attack his Dad. Kyle gets to be Shredder (he stole blue guy, what a bad man), and Carter as Leonardo must save him with his two swords. Carter's got some sweet ninja turtle moves!
We went up to Tech to watch Abb and Jord dance at halftime (very impressive). Ave had about the best time ever. She clapped for the basketball game, danced almost out of my arms during halftime, and kept pointing to the band and saying "Oooh, Oh!". The boys also did some dancing of course.
Just a cute little smile from my naked boy. I don't know why Carter loves being naked so often, but he does. Right after dinner, he usually asks to get naked. It's been pretty good for potty training though!
He's also been talking about his muscles a lot lately. Yesterday he told me his tato soup was making his muscles big. The next bite was making his head big (he's so goofy)! Kyle was trying to get him to make a tough face.
Here's another awesome view of his giant biceps. Try not to tremble in fear. Someday all that eating will catch up with him! He's getting taller though, and it's stretching him out even more!
Avery saw the boys eating suckers and just had to have one. She was actually very good with it. Carter just crunches his up in about 10 seconds. She was wearing a cute fall dress too. Wrong season, but very cute.
There's me and my baby girl. She was beeping my nose. She's getting good at knowing where everyone's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair are.
Carterman just loves Lane. He wants to chase her every night when we get home, which is great with Laney! Here's a nice closeup of his swords/paint stirrers also.
Cute picture of Erica and Lando minus part of Erica's head, oops. They look so much alike!
There's silly Avers hiding by the TV again. She's so sure no one can see her back there. I'm taking that pacifier away a little more every day. She usually only has it at bedtime now, but it's been helping with those new teeth too. I'm glad Carter never used one!
One of her daycare ladies gave her this outfit for her birthday - it's very cute. The onesie says "Little Miss Cutie" on it. She decided to cover it in as many spaghetti noodles as she possibly could at dinner time!

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