Monday, March 15, 2010


After a big weekend with lots of fun, my babies crashed. It ended up being so nice that they just played outside all day. Avery loves to sleep with her head back like that. I don't know why. It looks really uncomfortable!
We didn't expect it to be so nice. I didn't even bring clothes for them. I thought it was going to be a pajama Sunday! They didn't care though - they had a good time with some chalk.
She was being so funny. She kept climbing in the back of the boys' bikes and pressing the buttons. Apparently that's funner than actually sitting in the seat. She looks so funny in her sweatshirt and pjs too.
We went for a little walk on the trail to feed the ducks. Carter looked awesome: pajamas, sweatshirt, hat, shoes, and walking stick. He's quite the explorer!
Lando was hilarious on his bike. He rode that thing for at least half a mile. When he gets going, he takes his feet off the pedals and cruises!
There he is working hard. That's some furious pedaling right there!
We went to the mall Friday night for about a half an hour so Erica could get a swimsuit. I took the kids to the play area. It was perfect because no one was there, and it was so cold outside. They ran off some energy! Landon is a monkey - he's a strong little guy.
Carter was saying "Choo Choo Bumpie". He has a Mickey Mouse movie where they sing "Choo Choo Boogie". He insists that it's bumpie, not boogie. Kind of makes me laugh!
This little girl is a maniac. I was taking off Carter's shoes and see her scrambling up the mats to the slide. I didn't think she could get on the little platform by herself, but she did. She had a great time going down on all fours as you can see!
I got them some little inflatable chairs at Kmart the other day. They love them! They were being so funny the night we first blew them up. Carter helped me use the little foot pump. Avery carries hers around which is hilarious!
I have a lot of silly pictures of the two of them this week. Avery really wanted to sit on Carter's chair with him. She knows the CARS characters better than the princesses right now! I believe Carter was saying "That's your chair Avers". He was surprisingly nice about it!
Carterman even fell asleep in his chair that first night. He was a tired guy.
My little goofball thinks she's so big. Here she is feeding herself some yogurt and making her new silly silly "cheese" face!
Carter has discovered that he really likes hot chocolate. Sometimes it's all I can use to get him inside when it's freezing out. He doesn't care about the cold, but I do!
After Carter took his clothes off the other night, Avery decided she needed to wear his shirt. She looks lovely!
Avers was having a great time hauling some of her stuffed animals all over the house one night when...
Carterman attacked poor Winnie the Pooh! Avery was actually laughing here as she tried to save Minnie. That face is killing me!
He is such a clown. He's got that tackle down very well. Now he just has to grow!
There is really nothing more fun than yelling together in perfect harmony - another crazy picture of my little goofies.
We moved the picnic table out by the kitchen and play food to make room for the new chairs. They have their own little restaurant now!
She is so weird. She always wants to put stuff on her head...usually Carter's stuff! Here she's styling some swim trunks. I think she can work with it!
You can't really tell the colors very well in this picture, but Ave's room is pretty much done. She has Carter's toddler bed with Landon's Eric Carle bedding (she loves those books). Her room is a really light yellow on three walls, with a plum wall and trim. It turned out really well. I'll get a better one for next week.
A cheese face again! She was showing me her beautifully clean teeth. She loves to brush her teeth. Carter will do it as long as he gets a Dixie cup to rinse with afterwards.
And finally, a very silly video of Avery showing off how smart she is. She's starting to finally say some words that I can understand! Enjoy.

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