Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A nice week, now it's snowing!

Poor Abb. This is the aftermath of a Carter/Abbey wrestling match. Carter kept trying to sit on her head (after he had taken off his pullup). Then he said he was a dog and was trying to lick her face. Poor Abb.
It was absolutely gorgeous here this weekend - almost 55 degrees. Perfect for running and playing down at the park. Daddy captured Carter here. I'm not sure how since he's so fast.
This little girl had about the best weekend ever. She absolutely loves being outside. She ran all over C Street Park!
There's my boy's fantastic running form. He loves to chase his puppy around the park. It's an excellent little workout for both of them.
Look at that blue sky! Look at that silly Avery swinging face!
He's getting very good at climbing the curvy ladder. Sometimes I'm surprised at how careful he can be since he's such a maniac.
I like this windswept hair look. She walks with purpose!
She was also an excellent help out in the front yard at Poppa's house. It's funny to see her out there. She's going to absolutely love the summer!
On Saturday we walked from our house to Poppa's (about a mile). This was Carter's idea, and it was quite fun. Avery the independent decided to walk the entire way. She did not want anyone to hold her hand, and she did not want us to carry her over mud puddles or snow. She thinks she's so big. They found the chains on the fire hydrant really fascinating.
After we had walked there, Carter wanted to take his bike around. He is so funny - he always stops even with the Stop signs! There's Grandpa and Grandma Connors old house. It looks very nice - good memories.
We have to stop many times on the bike ride to play with the neighborhood nice dogs.
This is just a nice shot of my big girl. We couldn't believe how fast she was moving. She fell a couple times, but just wiped off her hands and kept going!
This is almost a nightly occurence - playing with the tons of CARS Carter has. He is very good at sharing with Avers. As long as he has the mean cars that run Mack off the road, he doesn't care what she plays with.
He's got so much room with his new bed. He loves it. It's perfect for chilling with his sister and watching Ninja Turtles.
This is her new obsession. She loves to take off Carter's shoes for him at pajama time. She also helps my Dad take his shoes and socks off every night.
I took my boy for a haircut this week. Usually he goes with Daddy, but it was just so long. He was hilarious. He loves to get his haircut. He laughs when they use the razor by his ears and neck.
Just a funny big face picture. My little monkey is getting four teeth right now - all on the bottom. She's been pretty good about it, just a little drooly!
Lastly, Kyle and I took the three kids to Father Sheehan park on Monday. They had a great time. We got ice cream afterwards too - what could be better? I'm not sure what the boys are yelling on the bridge, but they look cute.
Avers wanted to do some swinging, but she did not want to let go of her rocks. I'm just glad she wasn't trying to eat them!
What a silly boy smile. He's a handsome little devil!
We need to get Ave some new shoes. She wore these little shocks because we knew the sand would be wet. They were a little small, but she did great in them. She just kept staring at her feet while she marched around. Good times!

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