Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Very random silliness

This one is for Mary Jo. My Mom said I should put a picture up to show her how the Amarylis she gave Mom for Christmas is flourishing! It's pretty amazing how tall it is. Very pretty!
We had a big weekend of house projects. We finally got Avery's room cleaned up, taped, and ready to paint. I'll put pictures up when it's done. Carter's also got a new big boy bed. He absolutely loves it!
Not a very good picture, but he is in heaven on this bed (so are Laney and Avery)! He was hilarious picking out blankets for it. He took a long time looking at all his options and finally decided on Spiderman. He kills me. We didn't put the frame up yet. We figured the closer to the ground the better right now.
I can't even explain how silly this girl is. She makes me laugh constantly, which is her goal! This is a goofy little face.
How's this for a look? She's just like her brother - always wanting to run around in the nude.
See that little red dot on the carpet. Kyle had a laser pointer and these two looked like little cats chasing after it!
He put the dot on Carter's head. Avery was trying her best to grab it!
She thinks she is so big. She doesn't want any help ever. She likes to climb on the laundry basket and "jump" to Uncle Kyle.
Landon really loves this headress Mom got for St. Patrick's Day this year. I think I told him to say "Cleopatra" or something.
Avery saw Carter running around in gloves, so she thought she needed some too. She was messing up his hair with them. She looks so proud of herself!
More hiding. I thought this might not last very long, but she still loves it. She's absolutely positive no one can see her back there!
We played some more Rockband this weekend. The boys are sure that they are the best drummers around.
Landon was dancing while it was Carter's turn on the drums. He does an awesome dance where his elbows swing up - it's a sight to behold!
Carter got his first action figures this week - Shredder and Leonardo. He loves them. He's very careful with them. He puts all their little pieces in a plastic bag before bed.
Last but not least, we went to Erica's last Monday. Ave hasn't been there in awhile. She made herself quite comfortable in Landon's chair, had some chocolate and juice, and played with the train!

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Erica B said...

Landon was saying "James Brown" not Cleopatra