Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and more!

My spoiled little girl got a late Easter present from Mom and Dad yesterday. I can't believe they had more - I've never seen so much stuff! Anyway, she liked her My Little Pony. She liked the hairbrush that came with it the best.
This sweater dress is one of the cutest things ever. Mom got it for her a long time ago. I'm glad she finally fit in it. Her leggings look a bit big in the knees however - ha ha!
Here's my girl "hiding" in her beautiful Easter dress from Mom (I swear I buy her clothes too). She looked quite gorgeous in it. I think we might reuse it for the birthday party this weekend. That crazy hair really adds to it too.
My handsome Carter was going to give her a high five. It looks like he's about to smack her though!
I just like this silly face. She was quite a charming baby. She really enjoyed this Easter - especially unwrapping a million little chocolate eggs!
There's some of the fam - Nicole and Austin. Austin is hilarious. I can't describe his voice and laugh on here really, but they kill me!
Some more of the fam. Abb, Jord, and Connor. Very cute picture. I was just so happy Abb and Jord got along all day. It was fabulous!
It was absolutely freezing outside unfortunately. We did a couple very quick egg hunts and then gorged ourselves all day long. The kids all had a great time though. Ave had Grandma and Terri helping her find eggs.
Carter looks like he's on a mission. He and Daddy found lots of eggs together. Carter has also decided it's time to just wear sweatshirts and not coats anymore. Thanks goodness Lando passed down this green one from Auntie Kelsie. It's his favorite!The Grandma and Poppa Easter bunnies got their grandkids so much stuff! Seriously. They all loved their goggles. Carter's had some cool dolphins on them.
Landon loved his turtle goggles also. His were a little tight at first. His poor eyes look kind of smashed together here.
Avery got this awesome bike. You can turn it into a stroller, a rocking horse, or just a bike. Daddy and Poppa took her around the block on it while we were finishing some of the cooking that morning. She loved it!
Here's Carter with a couple of his Easter things from home. He really likes that little egg thing in his hand that lights up and spins. He and Avery both got some CARS too. She loves them as much as he does.
I noticed they are both wearing very wintery pajamas. That was fitting since there was snow outside. The morning was actually the nicest part of the day. I love this silly face Avery is making!
The clothes from the Easter bunny were not the highlight for Ave. She's looking at this cute Dora nightgown like "What am I supposed to do with this?". Then she saw candy and was thrilled!
We went to the Sports Arena Saturday night and cheered for Duke. It pays to be loyal all these years - Erica and I both won some money!
Here are the egg-dying boys. They had a great time this year. I tried to let Avery help, but she kept breaking the eggs open. She was sure there was candy inside like the plastic ones dad had given to her!
Here's a couple of the finished ones. Mom decorated some of the boys plain ones with stickers for each of the babies. I did only a couple eggs this year. My best contribution was "Eggy Gaga".
Ave was getting in the holiday spirit with some bunny ears. My Dad makes his classes do an egg hunt for extra credit on Wednesday where they have to wear bunny ears, so we have quite a few of these!
We went swimming as usual this weekend. Avery got to wear her new bikini from Aunt Diane. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The coverup skirt really made the outfit! Thanks Diane and Art!
I tried to get a picture of all of them. Nobody is really smiling or looking at me, but it's still cute. They are so damn funny in the water. They're all just nuts.
Erica was getting new glasses last week and brought some different frames home to decide between. The boys helped her with her decision. They looked so funny. We could not look at them without laughing!
Carter and his crazy hair was looking a little bit like Jonathon Lipnicki in Jerry Maguire. He was killing me! If he ever has to get glasses, he'll look awesome.
Landon also looked completely fanatastic. I think the chocolate circle around his mouth added a lot to the overall look!
My babies just like to lounge and relax when I have the day off. We just hung out and played in our pajamas all morning on Friday.
I just like both their smiles in this picture. Ave has the cheesiest "cheese" face ever. Carter must have slept funny because he has really cool hair.
Carter and Avery were having a great time bouncing on the exercise ball with their buddy Abb. Look at Aver's face!
When it was much nicer early last week, Avery discovered the fun of the wheelbarrow. She was very helpful too. She went around the yard filling it with pine cones!
And last but not least, three silly kids making three silly faces in various green sweatshirts. Stay tuned - the Carterman will be three on Sunday. I can't believe it! I will try to get those pictures up for sure Monday morning.

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