Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get into the groove

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. This is kind of a short little blog, but hopefully I'll do another one Monday. This is not the best picture of my boy, but this shirt makes me laugh. Mom and Dad got it for him in Alaska.
I have a lot of pictures of my girl this week. Carter has been kind of subdued lately. We thought he was getting sick, but he seems okay now. Ave loves to read books. We read at least 5 every night! Her favorite is the Elmo blanket one. There is a character in there we don't know. He is a big blue guy, dark eyebrow, purple nose, and red and white striped pants. We've since found him in three other books. Carter's named him Bompygoog. I had to share that. I think it's an awesome name!
Ave really likes anything that she can find in Erica's purse. The sunglasses are always a big hit!
I needed a couple pictures of my Carterman. This is his self portrait! It's a great look at his nostrils.
If Avery could wear Carter's shoes everyday, she would be thrilled. Anytime they come off him, they go on her. Pantsless is always classy too! She's been pooping on the potty the last three days. She's brilliant!
Avery realized some of her stuffed animals could drink tea with us. Minnie was the first to join the party.
This outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness was so cute on her. I had to get a picture before she ruined it in some way!
Poor tired baby girl. She was playing with Carter in his room. Kyle and I were watching a movie and could hear them being so loud and silly. Then suddenly it was quiet. This is why!
This picture makes me laugh! Carter and Daddy were being cyber turtles. It's Carter's favorite turtle episode. The turtles put on cyber suits and figure out the weapons. Carter and Kyle had to walk around the house shooting bad guys with their shoulders!
Then Avery got a horsey ride from a non-cyber Daddy. She's a goofball.
She is getting so good at dressing herself - ha ha! After going potty, she made her frog pajama shorts into an awesome miniskirt. Her silly face makes me laugh!
Carter might be the best brother in the whole world. After the purple white football game on Friday, we came back through the school to get to our car. Carter decided he better hold Aver's hand so she didn't get lost. I LOVE this picture!
They went all the way through the gym like that too. Doesn't Ave look so happy? I've got some awesome kids!

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