Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long absence - Sorry

This is the most random group of pictures ever. I'm not sure if any of them were taken on the same day! Oh well, at least they are finally up. I got pretty sick last week, and this week we started volleyball. That didn't leave me a lot of time for the blog. I'll try to get back on track though! Here's my boy's awesome Wolverine hair after a bath. I love when it's curly like that.
Carter had fallen asleep out on the couch, so Avery took advantage. She went in his room and played with all his toys for a good hour or so! Notice the shoes too. Terri found her these cute little pink Crocs. She likes to wear them to bed.
Carter looks so much like his Daddy. I say that all the time, but it's true!
The three of them just remembered how much fun the color change cars are. They played with them a couple of times this last week. It's so so messy, but they have a really good time!
I desperately needed groceries the other night. It was early and my babies were bathed and in pajamas already. So we decided to take a trip to Walmart. They were surprisingly good for me out there. Therefore, they got to ride Mickey Mouse twice!
This is just a typical Avery picture. She's an absolute disaster - totally messy, eating, crazy hair, and having fun with Daddy!
Auntie Erica got Carter the coolest shirt ever. I've never seen a Turtles shirt for sale anywhere before, and she found one for both boys at Herbergers. He's worn it twice in about 10 days so far - Abb helped to show it off!
We made a little trip up to Copper Mountain a couple weekends ago. It was hot! That's a really nice playground though; all the kids had fun. There's a big sand volleyball pit, and Carter brought all his dinosaurs up there to play in the dirt. He kills me! Ave pretty much swung the entire time!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness bought Avery a little Sleeping Beauty tea set. We've had tea parties galore! Carter made Kyle and I have some tea with him before bed the other night. He pretends to put in milk and sugar for us, and we all say "Cheers"!
Avers decided to wear this beautiful new dress Terri found at JCPenney's. It's just gorgeous. Ave knows she looks pretty in it!
She's starting to be a little girly. She really likes to fix people's hair - even Carter's. She mostly just rolls it around in her hands. He's such a good brother!
I've always loved a picture of "the sprawl"!
One Monday when we played volleyball at Jim's, Jordan kept the babies over at Ken's for me. They loved it! They really enjoyed the trampoline, and their old black lab Clifford. Carter kept telling Clifford he was going to turn him red like the books. He's a clown! Here's Ave's silly trampoline face!
Carter had the best time. He liked to sit in the middle and just have Jordan spike him. It was hilarious! He keeps asking to go back there.
We went to a birthday party for my friend Mariya's little girl. It was at Clark's Park. Jordan came with us, and the kids had lots of fun. Avery really enjoyed her two cupcakes!
Jocko probably won't like this picture, but look how much fun Avery is having with her! So cute!
Their favorite part of Clark's Park is not the new Splash Pad, or the horsey swings, it's still the hills. Is there anything more fun than just careening down a hill?
Carterman has excellent form. He was probably being the Flash. Halloween will be interesting this year. So far Carter wants to be Leonardo, Batman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, and Wolverine!

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