Monday, August 2, 2010

Kalispell Trip!

We went to Kalispell this weekend to visit Aunt Diane, Uncle Art, and Dana and her family. We had a blast! There are many, many pictures to follow. When we got back, my kids were a bit tired. Here's Ave snuggling up with her Daddy and some "chocate milkie" as she says.
My big girl wants to be as big as her brother. She has pooped on the potty twice and peed once. She thinks she's so cool (and she is). So we bought her some big girl underwear. They're a little large but awfully cute!
We went to Whitefish Lake on Sunday. It was awesome. The weather cooperated and all the kids had a ton of fun. Ave liked the sand better than the water. She spent most of the afternoon shoveling. Look at that face!
The boys really enjoyed going out for rides on the innertube. The water was a little chilly, but that beach is awesome - shallow water for such a long ways. We could walk all over with the boys. Great idea Diane!
We left Carter's swim trunks at Diane's house so he was in underwear until we grabbed some shorts. Looking good!
Diane and Grandma decided Avery needed a stroller and a baby (she played with Madelyn's the day before). They kindly picked up one of each for her at Target. She absolutely loves them! She slept with her baby last night.
Dana, Jason, Jada, and Madelyn came over Saturday for pizza and Diane's pool. The kids all had a great time together. They were so cute, hyper, and funny. Here's Carter giving the much taller Jada a hug goodbye.
Avery and Jada were pals. After we came in from outside they set up a blanket and pillow and were hanging out together on the floor. Jada and Madelyn both have so much hair!
Diane had everything...snow cones, popsicles, toys, a pool, pancakes. What more could we ask for? She's the best hostest around!
The three girls hanging out on the deck. Dana said Madi never cooperates for pictures! Of course, my kid is naked too. Carter and Avery just love to be naked. I don't know why, but hopefully it doesn't happen in public!
Landon and Jada are about a month apart. Jada's older. They are both very tall kids!
These girls are too funny together. Madi always has to check out what Jada's up to. They are so cute!
Carter and Landon figured out the darts can stick to their bodies. They were being "cyber turtles" (Carter's favorite Ninja Turtle episode) and were walking around making shooting noises while pushing out their stomachs.
Carter decided to get Art wet, and Art got him back. It was hilarious! Carter loved it - he was absolutely soaked!
This is the coolest water toy ever! It rolls and squirts - they had so much fun with it.
Three kids in the pool, and they're all actually clothed! That was a rare occurence.
My girl is so cute. She loved all these little animal toys. Her favorite was the turtle, who for some reason she named "Tiny"!
She got pretty good at hopping in and out of the pool by herself. She's getting to be a brave girl!
As much as I'm against nudity, this picture was too funny to pass up. Landon and Avery naked in the pool!
She's such a turkey. She kept walking around and sucking her stomach in. She was making us all laugh!
We met Dana and the kids at Woodland Park earlier on Saturday. We gave Madelyn her month late birthday present there.
Madelyn had brought her stroller, and Avery just took off with it. She usually never wants a girl toy when we're at the store, but when she saw Madi pushing it she couldn't help herself.
Woodland Park is so fun. They have great playgrounds, such pretty scenery, and tons of ducks to feed. Daddy helped Carter sit on the bridge to toss out some bread.
Aunt Diane helped Avery. She was so funny talking to the ducks. Everytime she went to play, she'd wave and say "Bye ducks!".
This is the only picture I got of the playground! I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's a cute one.
When we got there Friday night, Aunt Diane surprised Carter and Avery with snowcones! Can you tell Carter was happy about that?
We were there for maybe ten minutes before Carter was in the pool naked. That pool was quite a hit! Thanks again Daine and Art - that was so much fun!
I love when my babies play together. They get along very well 90% of the time. Here they are in Carterman's room playing farm.
This is such a typical Avery picture. She's just goofy! Kelsie, she got many compliments on these shorts. Kabri asked at open gym if they came in her size!
The boys were singing Happy Birthday to Poppa! Dad's birthday was on the 27th, and we had a delicious dinner and cake.
Poor tired guy. Playing the Ninja Turtle video game wears a boy out!

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