Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm so far behind!

Sorry everyone. I know I'm slow on the blog lately. Very slow. I've got to get back into my Sunday night routine. Anyway, here's some pictures finally that hopefully you enjoy! We went over to my friend Ritter's house last Saturday. The kids had the best time together. They were all so funny. Here's the girls - Madisyn and Avery on the Dora couch/bed.
Here's the four of them all chilling together. I'm sure we left Ritter's house a complete disaster. They brought out every toy they could find from Madisyn and Mason's rooms.
There's the boys on the Toy Story couch/bed. I still can't believe how blond her kids are!
Brownies and fruit punch! What could be better? We'll have to do that again soon!
How's that for a big toothy grin? My poor girl is getting her last four teeth all at once. I hope they hurry up and poke all the way through.
They are constantly wrestling. Luckily no one has gotten hurt yet. We just have to remind Carter that he's bigger than she is!
Carter got a cool new gun after his haircut the other day. I don't want to curse him, but he's been the best boy lately. He absolutely loves school!
These two are amused by just about anything. Give them a giant spoon and a sink and they're set for a good half an hour!
I love that Lando face! He's a goofball. They boys have gotten very into swords again recently...especially when they can attack Poppa with them!
She looks so sweet and innocent in this picture. I know better. She does love a good book though. She was reading the huge Brown Bear, Brown Bear one. I swear we read at least 7 books before bed every night!
I like his new spaced out shirt Grandma got for him. He looks awfully cute in it!
Poor Carterman was so tired. We went to Perkins, and he ate like a little piggy. Then he completely passed out on Dad. Landon decided he would pretend to be asleep too. Very convincing!
Now that's a good looking girl right there. She is so silly!
I went to Helena a couple weeks ago and stopped by Target for some shopping. They had these awesome Lightning McQueen and Snotrod pajamas. Carterman loves the mean cars!
Some little girl was helping Poppa barbecue. Erica got her this outfit when she went down and watched a Jazz game last year. It is so cute - I love it!

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