Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summery weather - Wow!

How cute is this? They are pals. Before bed the other night, Carter came into the kitchen and said, "That's my sister". She just ran up and put her head by his belly and her arm around him. He then informed me, "She needs to come watch a movie in my room." They were so cute, I had to go get my camera.
I'm going to enjoy this buddy thing for as long as I can!
She is so funny with this headband. I just love how she looks in it! She's been wearing it for popsicle time lately. My kids love those Dreyer's fruit bars - they are delicious!
This is quite the look: Christmas pjs and new snow boots from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness!
Avery is so good about letting Daddy detangle her crazy hair. That's his job since he takes them to daycare in the morning. He's excellent at it!
Poor Carterman was so tired after playing at Stodden that he literally fell asleep standing up. Well, legs on the kitchen floor anyway. I was making him some noodles, turned around and he was out. Poor guy!
Lando is an awesome actor. He pretended to fall asleep on his chair also. Very realistic!
We went to Stodden on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. The kids strangely didn't really want to play on the playgrounds. We did have a good hour playing by the trees though! These are Lando's nunchuks.
There's Carter's nunchuks. They are some imaginative boys!
These two are so funny together. They've been getting along very well lately. I'm sure Lando was trying to get Carter's attention by saying, "Carter, let's go get some bad guys."! Or something along those lines.
I like these random shots of them chilling and eating some food at Stodden. Playing outside wears kids out!
As you can see from this fabulous shot, Landon and Ave enjoyed bananas while Carterman chowed on a granola bar. They kill me!
Carl and Jenny were in this last week. They are good luck for us in volleyball. We won both games they came to! We of course had game night also. This is a cute picture of the four of them - Dad is even doing a real smile...kinda!
I don't even know what she's doing here, but I like her rosy cheeks, polka dot pajamas, and cute little ponytail. She's my pretty girl!
This is one of her new outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It was really cute with these little navy blue leggings. She was telling me to throw that duck for "her puppy".
Carterman passed on Ironman and Lightning McQueen boots for these plain blue ones. He just loves blue! His outfit was new also. He's so handsome...in my opinion of course!

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