Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Very random week of pics

Mom got Avery the funniest sweatshirt I've ever seen. It has a pink sparkly kitty on the front...and look at the hood. She looks so cute! As usual, she has food on her face also.
My boy got spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Barsness this weekend. He got some turtle movies that came with all four masks and also some ninja weapons. Sunday afternoon was filled with getting Shredder and Krang!
Grandma and Grandpa also brought her some of the cutest clothes. I can't wait for her to wear them. She usually never likes headbands, but she loves this one. It's very soft, purple, and easy for her to put on. She's beautiful!
There is of course, more than one way to wear it. Her eyes look huge in this picture!
Ave loves this birthday card that Callie sent Kyle for his 30th birthday. You can tell she really thought long and hard about what would be perfect for him - High School Musical! He did laugh when he opened it.
We went to dinner at the Montana Club and Carter and Landon were very silly next to eachother. They played some games on Erica's IPod. Then Landon kept crawling under the table, and Carter helped pull him up by his head!
How's this for a mac-and-cheese contortionist look? She's a nut. Avers really is one of the funniest little kids I've ever been around. She reminds me of when Jordo was little and used to tell her "jokes".
Montana Orthopedics sponsored the Tech game on Saturday. It was a really nice night to go, and they won. The kids were hilarious (and a bit insane as evidenced by this face), and they really enjoyed having all four grandparents there!
I think Avery's favorite part of the game was the Nachos. She loved them! Then she ran around and around saying "Shake it Shake it".
She has the cheesiest smile now! She likes to show off every single tooth!
When they all take baths together at Mom and Dad's house...it's bubble time. Here's bath monster #1 - Lando Commando.
Bath monster #2 - Avers with a strange horn-type thing.
Bath Monster #3 - The Carterman. He doesn't really look like a monster. He put that I was his best friend on his daycare assignment. I just love him!
Daddy's big giant arms are excellent for flying babies around. Hope you enjoyed these random goofy kid pictures!

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