Monday, February 28, 2011

More fun stuff

Here's all three of my little monkeys hanging out together. Ave loves to lay by little Teague all the time. Carter joined in on the fun. I like how they all have to lay on their own blankets.
Avery and Carter kept saying "Pineapple" and laughing hysterically. It must have been an inside joke, but they look pretty pleased with themselves!
Carterman loves his puppy dog. They are best of pals.
That looks like a gassy little fella. He looks a lot like my Carterman when he was a tiny guy.
Ave looks totally crazy in this picture. I love it. Teague obviously is not bothered by Boo Bear climbing up next to him!
They are so funny together. They just make me laugh all the time.
A sleeping Daddy and baby picture. They'll be many more of these to come I'm sure. A warm baby puts Kyle right to sleep!
I like this picture. His eyes are actually open, and he's got the cutest outfit on. Carter thought it was the coolest - Dinos playing football!
His hands are always up. He likes to have a blanket over him, but the hands have to be free!
This outfit from Ritter was hilarious. There are little Sesame Street heads all over it. He looks smashing!
Carter has a new favorite shirt. Grandma Patsy could not resist. It's dark blue (his favorite color) and has Transformers (his favorite thing)!
This picture just makes me laugh. He wouldn't let me take pictures of him for awhile, now he's a little ham!
Ave says "Cheese" without smiling as you can tell!
She really loves her tiny baby brother. She tells whoever is holding him to put him down so she can see him.
Another awake picture. These are kind of rare. He really likes to sleep right now, which is a good thing.

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