Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Months Old already!

My little chunky monkey was 4 months old last Monday - I can't believe it! Here he is rocking his 4 months sticker.
I like this picture even though his head is a little cut off. He likes to stand up and immediately try to eat my fingers. Look at those eyes too!
There's my big boy in all his glory. He loves to stand like that. He thinks he's really cool when he puts all that weight on his legs.
Carter and Avery have decided they really like to wear Poppa's hats. They look fantastic in them - that's Avery's new "smile" too. Lovely!
Mom likes those month stickers I got when Teague was born, so she found some other ones online. Here's Teague with his I Can Eat sticker. It's a little hard to see, but awfully cute. He is doing better with his food. We tried sweet potatos last night, and he loved them! I guess he just needed some flavor!
I love this new outfit Grandma found for him. A bright shirt and shark shorts - hopefully it gets nicer so he can wear it again!
His first time in the high chair. He looked so little and so cute in his puppy pjs and puppy bib!
We went up to St. James for about an hour and a half on Saturday. It was a little overcast but not cold. The new playground up there is lots of fun, and we were the only ones there.
Half our time was spent walking up the giant hill and then running down as fast as we could. Carter fell the first time and rolled down a bit. Luckily he was laughing so hard!
Landon and Erica met us up there too. Lando hung on to this umbrella forever. Kyle spun him around like five times - he is strong!
Boo Bear hung on for a minute too. I just love how tiny she looks (and Kyle's face behind her).
We have been having Dairy Queen withdrawals since the downtown location burned to the ground. We got our fix at the uptown one on Saturday thank goodness!
This boy loves to play Peek-A-Boo. He opens his mouth so wide when he smiles!
These little fools decided to turn their Daddy into a birthday cake with some darts. They were singing "Happy Birthday" and pretending to blow them out. For Father's Day, Daddy was a cake and later a mailbox. They have some good imaginations!
This is what Boo's hair looked like Sunday morning. It was hilarious! She didn't want to brush it either - she liked her crazy hair!

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