Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer for two days...and a dimply smile!

I've been trying really hard to capture the elusive big open mouth Teague smile on camera. He's always smiling, but I just can't seem to catch it! Part of it is my camera is slow, and the other part is that he just stares at the camera when it comes out. Here's a bit of one - I love these stretchy pjs. I sing "Little Lion Man" to him...poor thing.
We had some summer weather here for once, but it didn't start until Saturday. Friday was still wet and a little chilly. We put on Teague's hat though and went out for a bit. He likes watching Carter, Avery, and Landon run around.
Grandpa and the kids had a fabulous time playing Friday night. Carter and Landon were having a great time attacking him with various weapons!
Avery would zoom over every once in awhile with her plastic golf "bags" and run over Poppa's foot. As you can see, the kids were having a Friday pajama day.
I have a video of this somewhere. It was like Lucy and Charlie Brown - Dad kept moving the football when they tried to kick it. None of them fell over though; they just laughed hysterically!
Miss Boo Bear was loving this. She's a little goofball...well, they all are (including Poppa).
Avery drew this masterpiece. She told Erica it was a blue stegosaurus - those are spikes on it's back. It's lovely!
After an evening outside, this boy was tired. He curled up with his fists in the air and took a nice little snooze.
I believe they call Heidi Klum "The Body" - apparently they've never seen my boy. He's gorgeous!
This is what happens when you let a baby be naked for too long. Poor Kyle got peed on. Then Daddy and Teague took a shower together though - so that was nice!
We went to Clark's Park for a graduation party for my pal Kabri. We ended up being there for about three hours (2 in the park and 1 at the actual party!). The kids were just so so happy to be outside and wear shorts!
Erica and Landon came with us. It was a fun time for all!
They had such a good time on the tire swing. Erica was twisting them around, and they were just laughing. They could have stayed there forever!
Sunday morning they were all hanging out on Carter's bed in their summer clothes. Ave is making her cheesy face, Carter is wearing his cool new Iron Man sunglasses, and Teague is looking fantastic in shorts!
Yay! We got it. I held him up in the air, and Erica snuck in real fast for a picture. Doesn't he look happy?
One more...and with some dimples! His little bald head is just shining in the sunlight. What a cutie!

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