Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Big Week

Dad loves his Father's Day present Kelsie!
Jordan brought over their new slip and slide. We didn't have swimsuits at first, but that didn't stop my Carterman!
I love his face in this picture. He's soaking wet and enjoying every second of it!
He wasn't having much luck sliding down by himself so Poppa helped him out!
All the kiddos love their Uncle Kyle. I am not sure what they were looking at on his IPod, but that's quite quiet for them. Usually it's some sort of pillow fight!
Abbey needed a ride home the other night. Kyle had just gotten done with work so he took her home in the cop car...and cuffed her. Ha Ha!
A smily boy in a summer romper. I love these outfits! I remember Lando Commando wearing this one!
I feel like he's saying "Why Mom, why are you torturing me?". Gotta have tummy time - sorry buddy!
Kind of a blurry family picture. We had to use my automatic timer and this was the best. The reason I titled this post Big Big Week was we had Carl and Jenny visiting (Yay!), Volleyball camp all week, Big Sky State games on Saturday, and the Pig Bowl Saturday (with lots of family visiting). It was crazy but lots and lots of fun!
Carl and Jenny left Saturday morning. Hope you guys had a good trip back! It's always so much fun when they're here. Ave gave Jenny a very nice love before we said goodbye.
We spent a lot of Saturday at the gym. Luckily, they're were so many people there. Avery and Reese (Geah's older girl) played so well together. They're cute!
The boys did ninja moves with hockey sticks and Reed (Dana's nephew). He was only 3 when his Mom used to watch Carter as a baby. Now he's 7!
I love this picture! I know it's kind of washed out, but his eyes look awesome. He's my good boy. He was at the gym from 11-3:30, and then at Tech from 3:30 to 7! All the kids were great on Saturday (including our wonderful helpers Abb and Jord!).
There's Landon at the Pig Bowl enjoying some licorice. It was a beautiful day for a football game. It got a little windy at the end, but it was so much fun. Kyle scored the first touchdown of the day on a fumble recovery. Unfortunately he tweaked his knee pretty good. It's swollen, but hopefully nothing bad. He's heading to the doctor tomorrow just to be safe.
My Avery was cheering for her Daddy. We had a great crowd there. Ali brought down Breanne, Colty, and Kaden. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were there. Erica, Lando, Mom, Abb, and Jord too. It was all for charity (Mariah's Challenge, David DeLaittre scholarship, and Special Olympics), so it's okay the cops lost!
Daddy and his girl after the game. Carter was busy running on the field. We're proud of Kyle. The Pig Bowl is a great event, and he does a ton of organizing, coaching, practicing, and fundraising for it.
Kaden is such a cutie. They came over for awhile on Sunday, and he really wanted Teague to wake up! He kept kissing his head. Thanks everyone for coming down for a visit. Our families are fantastic!
He looks very sneaky here. He was playing in his bouncer on our lazy Sunday when I caught this face!
Ave looked absolutely gorgeous on Sunday in her yellow dress. She's been wanting to wear dresses everyday lately. I'm going to have to get her some more!
Teague did not have very many naps on Saturday so he was exhausted yesterday! A little thumbsucking always helps a guy sleep!
Landon found his Raphael costume and decided to try it on. So of course, Carter had to find his too. They were fighting Poppa which was hilarious!
Avery put on her Minnie Mouse one (which was way too small!) and was casting some sort of spell on Poppa. The boys were beating him up, and Ave was dancing and chanting next to him. We could not stop laughing at her!

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