Thursday, August 11, 2011

Relay and Sunburst

Ave the goof wanted to show that she could fit in Teague's 3-6 month shorts. I guess they leave a bit of diaper room!
Teague is starting to really enjoy his baths. He used to only like showers, but now he likes to kick and kick and kick in the tub!
He loves to chew on those little foam numbers and letters. He's drools constantly, but I can't feel any teeth coming!
Teaguers and his best buddy Jocko are always hanging out together. He's always making that silly half smile face too - so cute.
He starting to really like that blue blanket that used to be Carter's. He likes to chew on it (of course) and cover himself up with it. Peek-a-boo face!
Teague and Jordan hanging out at the Relay for Life. They were watching the line dancers - I think that's why Teague is in a daze! Abb and Jord were life savers that night! Jordan helped watch all four kids, sometimes all by herself, and Abb helped set up a ton of luminaries. You guys are the best.
The kids were crazy there. We were at the mall for a good 5 hours, but they were really good. Their favorite part of the night was getting 15 glow bracelets each. I think Lando was making a necklace out of his and was too busy for a picture!
Teague took a couple short naps there, both on Grandma. He was a tired guy when we got home. It was a good event though - I'm glad we are part of it.
We finally made it up to Sunburst with Mr. Teague. I feel terrible about it - this summer has just been crazy. When we got there on Saturday, we took a quick trip over to Cut Bank for pizza. The kids thought this penguin was awesome - coldest spot in the nation!
They did a lot of playing on Sunday before our delicious dinner. Ave did a good job on this bike. I accidentally cut off Kyle helping Carter on the razer scooter.
While Teague was taking a nap (Grandma Diana and Grandma Bonnie watched him), Nate, Kyle, the kids, and I took a trip to the playground. They have an awesome playground! Teeter-totters are the best. I haven't seen any forever.
They had swings, tire swings, diggers for the sandbox, a zip line thing. It's really a nice playground. I wish we had some of that stuff over in Butte.
Avery was an absolute climbing fool on the playground structure thing. She climbed up and down these things at least 20 times! Nate was impressed by my little monkey's coordination. Carter sat in the shade and whined that he was tired.
Time for peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish, and milk with SuperDad. He's kind of a nerd...but that's a good thing with kids!
Look at these faces! Wow!
When Avery is a super hero, she says "Justice League". I love it - she's not going to be limited to just one person! Carter was Iron Man...complete with goggles!
This boy showed Grandma and Grandpa how strong he is. He really looks ready to take off!
He's such a cutie! He was very good up there. Very tired though too - those trips wear a babyman out.
Time for the farm. Carter was in heaven! He got to pet the horse (so did Ave) and check out all the tractors, combines, etc... Nate was showing him the inside of the red one (which has 10 wheels - Carter and Mary Jo walked around and counted them!).
Then Carter got to go on a long tractor ride with Phil. He thinks Phil and Nate are the absolute coolest! And...look at that beautiful sky! I was inside gorging on Bonnie's delicious breakfast - those caramel rolls are the best things ever!
All done. We are hoping to get up there for harvest. Carter would love going cutting in the combine! Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend!

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