Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Fun BBQ!

Yay - My camera works again! It was killing me not to have it.I only had it fully charged and working again by Saturday night so we have a limited selection. Sunday was a great day though. We had a volleyball picnic out at Roosevelt Drive (which I forgot my camera for), and then headed over to Feely to have a barbeque with the Edmundsons. So much fun! Here's a Saturday night goofy girl picture.
We put out this Justice League blanket for Ave to have one of her dance parties. Teague REALLY liked it - maybe because it's so bright. He went scooting right over there. He's getting very mobile.
Now for the barbeque pictures. First of all thanks so much to the Edmundsons; we had a blast! Nikki and Tucker have a pig that Cutler (their 3 year old) named turns out Buzz is a girl. Buzz is super friendly though. She was close by all the kids the whole evening.
Even Ave, who I thought might keep her distance, pet Buzz. I did too. She was awfully cute. Her little curly tail wagging was hilarious!
Cormac is 11 months old and so cute! He's got curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. He was killing me with this crawl. He doesn't really like the feel of the grass, so he doesn't bend his legs!
They have the best house out there. So much room! Here's the big kids checking out Cutler's sandbox. I dug them a nice tunnel for the cars to race through.
This isn't the best picture, but it does show what a beautiful day it was. All the kids had so much fun too. I was worried because there were no naps, but they were great!
I'm so mad this turned out blurry! You can still see how cute little Cormac is though.
This tee was awesome! All the kids had fun playing with it. Avery hit a couple of line drives right at me; I was impressed!
What a cheeseball! I say that about my girl all the time, but I mean it in the nicest way. Look at that cute face!
Cutler started running to me from across the yard. It was so funny! Then all the kids started in. I got up to check on my sleeping Teague, and Kyle got to have a turn! What good kids we all have.
Cutler is a little cowboy all the way. Carter, Avery, and Landon had a great time raiding his room for stuff. Avery looked lovely in his cowboy hat!
This look is even better though! She turned it into a bonnet later!
Cutler and Carter got along fantastically. I think they were getting ready to go chase poor Buzz!
Teague is awake! He was such a good boy out there. He really liked the feel of the grass at their house. He sat up and tried to pull it out with his hands!
This picture makes me laugh. I know I cut off half of poor Teague, but Cormac's face is the highlight. He wanted to get Teague so bad. He would crawl all the way around Nikki, and then she'd pull him back. He never gave up though!
And last but not least, my Boo Bear on her bike. She is crazy on this thing! She's fast and she turns like a maniac. I could take the yellow part off, but it helps on hills (and she loves yellow). I'll have to get a video up of all the kids riding. Until then, we're back to normal. More pictures next week!

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