Monday, August 1, 2011

August already!

I love this weather, and my kids do too! My husband isn't a fan, but he does have to wear a navy blue uniform everyday. Ave can cool off in one of her lovely swimsuits. Look at that face!
This is not the best picture, but it is a nice action photo. Carter loves to jump over the his underwear. Apparently we couldn't find his trunks that day!
My little Teague loves to be outside. He smiles at whatever Carter, Avery, and Landon are up to that day. He's just a happy baby!
This is such a cute picture of Jordan, my kids however...look a little out of it. Makes me laugh!
It was Poppa's 55th birthday on the 27th. We ordered him a new IPod, but it wasn't here yet. So he got some balloons from the kids to tide him over!
We had some delicious steaks and some pie for dessert. These three little monkeys sang very nicely for him.
Carter decided his Spiderman kick board is a surfboard. They all took turns standing on it saying "Surfin on the sea" over and over again! Ave was the only little popsicle face that would look at me.
We've been playing Super Mario 3 on the original Nintendo (thanks Abb, Jord, and Terri for letting us borrow it). It's the best! Uncle Kyle was showing Carter how to play - that's Carter's sideways cheese face.
My boy is so cute! He loves tummy time too. He's quite the little mover already!
We had some 90 degree weather on Saturday. It was perfect for a trip to the Splash Pad at Clark's Park. Ave ran under the bucket with me a couple times - she got pretty soaked. At first she was content to lounge on Landon's towel. Erica was taking a picture of this too I guess - I can see her foot!
Teague relaxed in the shade with Daddy at first. Later he enjoyed some squash - what a laidback little guy.
Carter and Landon loved these blue things that squirt water. They were aiming at eachother while they waited for them to come on.
Carter tried his best to get me! He had lots of fun, especially running under the bucket with Kyle.
On Sunday we went up to the park at the hospital. It's really nice there, and the kids love to run down the hill. Teague had his first time on the swings. I stuck his blanket behind him, and he seemed to like it!
I love his little chunky arms hanging over the edge! Terri was working and spotted us from the 5th floor. When she came down, Teague was actually hanging on to the sides like a big boy!
I tried to get one of Teague staring at Ave, but it didn't really work. Ave looked beautiful! She insisted on wearing this new Minnie outfit Grandma Patsy got her (even though it was so hot).

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