Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots of fun!

Sorry Erica. She was not ready for me to take this picture. Teague has the cutest smile though. He is just one handsome little guy!
Mom got him these 9 month overalls for Christmas, and she was afraid if he didn't wear them soon he would grow out of them. Well...we don't have to worry about that. We had to roll them a couple times! He looked awfully cute though.
Bubble bath time at Grandma and Poppa's house. Every once in a while, they like to dig out their old friends Sky (blue fish), Tomato (red fish), and Corn (yellow fish). Carter named those a long, long time ago!
Once again, a super cute Teagie smile. He's a very silly little boy. You should see him walk now - he practically runs!
I think this was the day they helped Auntie Erica make cupcakes. That would explain why they are on the table. I can't explain what Carter is doing to Ave's head. She looks happy though!
Ave and Abb showing off their masterpieces! Ave spilled on her shirt, Carter is just weird (and always likes to be almost naked). Lando is just diligently frosting away.
I bought Teague a mini basketball of his own to match the ones Carter and Ave got for Easter a couple years ago. He plays with it every night. He carries it everywhere and says "ball".
Carter was working on his "skills" as he says. I told them we were going to a gym in the morning to play basketball with tons of other kids, so he had to practice of course.
It's been so cold and windy here...I hate it. I wish we at least had some snow to play in, but that's climate change for you. Anyway, we went to the mall play thing just to run off some energy. Ave was being "Statue of the Rockies" here!
Carter and Landon were very good about helping the baby guy go down the slide with them. I couldn't get too many pictures though because Teague was crazy. The boy has no fear!
The Lil Dribbler basketball is pretty much open gym for kids 2-5 (although babies are welcome too). Mike Bauer set it up with the Mariah's Challenge Foundation and Pepsi is sponsoring it (all the kids get T-shirts). I think it's a great idea and all the kids had fun. Lando and Ave came in their basketball shoes, ready to play.
They had four different size basketballs, balloons, and many hoops. Carter mostly played catch with his Dad and balloon "no-touch-the-ground" with me and Ave. He's a wild man.
Teague also had a great time. He must have looked pretty small to be walking around with basketballs. We had many comments on how cute he is!
Saturday night was the policemen's annual party/raffle/dinner, also known as the one night a year we go out. We had fun, and we weren't shut out this year. We won two gift certificates for dinners (the perfect gift for me...I love food)!
Little Kyle joined us...and he was in rare form. Good times!
Ave found her bath paint she got for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (blue for Carter, yellow for Ave, red for Teague...surprise, surprise). They all ended up sharing colors and having lots of fun with it - look at Teague's goofy grin!
When we got our new couches we found an old puka shell necklace under the love seat. I have no idea whose it is. Ave used it to wrap her and Carter up with Daddy after the bath. Such happy kids!

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