Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not very many unfortunately

These are very random pictures. I've been a bit lazy lately with the camera - I'll get better though! Anyway, this boy is a goof. He has been super happy lately. He's turned from a serious baby into a dancing, laughing guy! I mean, could that smile be any bigger?
Teagie thinks he's really big. He's very into juice boxes right now, which is messy. If the big kids have them, he steals them. I believe this one was Ave's! I love how he's  reading the book too. Speaking of Ave (oops, I seem to have cut her off a bit), she is ready for Halloween again. She wants to wear her skeleton shirt every day!
Bath time! Mr. Teague slept through the Wednesday bath with Carter and Ave, so he got his own bath on Thursday. What a lucky guy! He likes to be in there the whole time it's filling up, that's why he has about a half inch of water here.
I included this one just for Carter's legs. He looks smashing in stripes. He was following Teague around in case he fell (Teague was walking backwards, his new thing). I say this pretty much every week, but Carter is the nicest guy around!
Ave and Lando wanted to have a sleepover at Poppa's house. Carter set up his room with every blanket and pillow he could find...this is the result. Two sleeping brothers! How sweet.
Saturday morning - time to sit on Dad's shoulders and watch some Transformers Prime. Carter's living the dream!
Meanwhile...big boy is learning how to feed himself. He does pretty well with his apple cinnamon oatmeal.
A little messy of course! I like the dollop on the nose. This poor guy is sick again unfortunately. I'm waiting on a call from Dr. Graham this morning. I'm really hoping it's not RSV, which is going around. He's just miserable.
Totally cool guys heading to Ace Hardware with Poppa. Mom got them these glasses a couple weeks ago, and they love them. They both wear them to daycare every day! Carter is also wearing his Jr Policeman badge. He's worn that the last week too!
Ave and Teague decided to hang out with us and have a tea party. Avery was all dressed in jeans and a blue flowered shirt, but that was apparently not appropriate for a tea party. She picked out this instead. How fashionable!
Poppa is making the kids a new table. The Cars one is getting a bit small for them. The new table is very colorful (of course yellow, blue, and red are prominent)! He likes to let the kids help him paint...so here they are waiting for Landon to get garbage-bagged-up.
I call this the Missy Elliot (She wore a garbage bag in one of her first videos). They look pretty happy, and it did work. No paint on the clothes!
Lastly, these three have discovered the joy of rice krispy treats. This is the second batch they've made with Kyle. They are quite delicious!

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