Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's and lots of snow!

Jordo's been missing the kids. She came over one night with Terri to bring some new books. These books are the best for coloring and painting (thanks Terr!). As you can see they were working well together on this python.
Mr. Turkey man of course had to steal Jordan's phone. Electronics are his thing - he loves to take phones, remotes, cameras, and Ipods if he can!
With Teague having RSV, we gave these two a few treatments just in case. They take them together while we do dinosaur and princess clue games. Ex: Which dinosaur has two tiny horns on his head. Carnotasaurus! or Which princess has a dad who's an inventor? Belle! Fun stuff.
This is Teague's new thing. I don't like it! He loves to stand up on Ave's old princess car and dance. He's going to fall one of these days. He sure looks happy though...
I had a camera, so of course he ran over to take it from me. This boy does not pose! It's a nice shot of his lovely bottom teeth though. He has six all together now!
We had a Thursday night family get-together last week. We haven't seen baby Liam for awhile, so it was needed. We had pizza and beer and lots of fun. The big boys loved all Carter's toys. They were very good playing together.
Ave played with the boys for awhile. Then she decided she and Nicole should color together. They collaborated on a lovely Ariel picture. Nice job Red!
This little man is so cute! He was very smiley, especially with Aunt Terri. He was laughing with her. We had a fun night. We'll have to do that again.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! My husband didn't work until the afternoon and Poppa graciously agreed to babysit for awhile. I haven't been out with my Mom (for her birthday) in the last 3 years. We had fun! We behaved though too. We were home by 3:30.
We went to the KC after the parade. All my brother's friends were there (he had to work until 6 unfortunately). We took a picture to send to him. They're nice guys!
The boys in their apparel. They all looked so cute in green!
This was Carter's old onesie. Teague looked smashing in it...before he covered it in chocolate yogurt. He did gets lots of kisses too!
Ave was being...Ave and wouldn't get in the picture. The boys are quite handsome though. As you can see Teague found some cheetos. They were not for him. Mom calls him the "Shark" - he circles and circles the house looking for food!
Later on Ave decided to be happy again. This was my Grandpa Winks' old bowtie. Ave turned it into a beautiful headband. She's pretty cute!
And one more...what a silly girl.
St. Patrick's Day wore this little man and this poor hairy dog out! It gave me a chance to watch some Breaking Bad though, so that was nice.
On Sunday, we woke up to a winter wonderland! It was kind of awesome - we haven't had a great snow like this all winter. Ave and Carter helped me shovel the sidewalks and porch. Dad had already done it once in the morning. We had fun!
The flakes were huge! In fact it's still snowing today. There was another 3 inches on my car this morning.
We made a giant pile from the snow on the porch. We didn't do anything special with it...they just wanted a pile!
This is the new table Dad made for the kids. It's really nice. Teague puts a chair by it and climbs on top. He's a smart fella who likes a nice necklace and Ritz crackers every now and then!
We decided to go play in the snow again. It was perfect snowman snow. Teague mostly sat around (snow was hard for him to walk in) and tried to eat the snow!
He wouldn't look at me. He was too busy staring at all this snow!
It started out being a snowman, but Kyle broke the middle part of him in half. So, he turned into "Schlumposaurus". We're not sure what he is. He has a penguin head (with sharp stick teeth), T-Rex arms and feet, and giant horn, and a crocodile tail. We had a good time making him though.
Carter was feeding him some "meat snow". Whatever he is, he's a carnivore!

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