Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter fun!

Poppa set up a super bubbly bath for the kids. Teague had an excellent beard going! Ave looks like maybe Carter splashed her or something!
Kyle forgot to pack Teague's coat, so we had to use this Halloween sweathshirt that was 4 sizes too big. He looked like a little gangster!
Carter's new favorite thing is to have Poppa pitch to him. He did hit a couple out into the street. I probably should have signed him up for teeball this year, but I'm lazy. I want one more summer of nothing scheduled!
We got some new carpet on Monday last week. They put it in the front room and all the way down the hall. We're trying to pick out some new flooring for the kitchen and dining room too. Anyway, the carpet is great! We love it. Ave was making some lovely carpet angels here!
Poppa was getting his Easter eggs for school ready. He always has a scavenger hunt for extra credit on the short prom day where most of the school is empty. These three were big helps as always!
Teague, with his chocolate mouth, wasn't too sure about these bunny ears (Dad makes the kids wear them around the school while they are egg hunting!).
Carterman looked so cute in this shirt from Mom. I had to get a picture! I love how it says "snack time" by the T-Rex's mouth.
Teague loves to sit on the step and bounce and bounce! It was a perfect time to try to get a picture of all three of my little monkeys. Ave is always trying to kiss him! Carter too - they just love their little brother.
Success! They're pretty cute.
Teague has been playing a lot with his zoo lately. Carter helps him put different animals on the swing. They both love the animals noises.
Time to dye eggs! They had lots of fun this year. Last year Carter was not so into it. This time they all had a blast! Ave kept calling her eggs "sweetie". Come here sweetie - are you done yet?
More egg dying people - Teague really wanted to get in on the action.
Lando in his red shirt, with a red cup full of red dye. Imagine that!
Teague was getting a little cranky. Luckily he and Poppa decided to take a quick nap together. It made things run much smoother!
I wish I could have Ave's full outfit in the picture. She was using the smallest spoon ever to stir the macaroni salad (which she cut olives for). I ordered her some summer stuff from Old Navy which she had to wear. The black and white swimsuit, zebra tank top, and blue jellys looked great with some red and white tights and a black skirt!
Easter morning! This guy was the first one up. He had to read his new book right away!
His shake and go Green Lantern car was a big hit too. He kept making silly faces whenever it would "talk"! He kept pointing at the other baskets like, "Do I get to dig into those too?".
Carter walked around the corner and dropped blue guy when he saw his stuff! He was super excited for his new police robot Imaginext toys.
Ave loved hers too. She had some new princesses to dress (kind of like Polly pockets). She and Grandma ended up playing with them for quite awhile.
Time to head over to Grandma and Poppa's house. As you can see, they got a bit spoiled. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness had baskets for them too. They are lucky kids!
Every blog post, there is one of these pictures...Teague trying to take the camera from me!
He did pretty good with his little bat. He kept slamming the little red stars instead of hitting the ball, but he was enjoying himself!
Time to hunt for eggs! That silly Poppa hid them early in the morning before we got there. The kids had a ton of fun finding them.
She looked pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself!
My handsome Carter had a little bug bite on his head! I didn't see any bugs's a mystery.
Teagie took the egg hunting quite seriously. It could be that he was exhausted. He had gotten sick the night before. Apparently there is such a thing as Teague eating too much!
Look what we found!
I have no idea how Ave's dress stayed clean. It was quite muddy under that snow. Carter, Landon, Jordan, Abbey, and the two Kyle's had a little snowball fight. Pretty soon there was no snow in the yard at all!
Carter was a good egg hunter. Poor Jord ended up at the ER the night before with influenza. We had already been around her all week so there wasn't much we could do (so far so good). That is why Nicole, Jamie, Nancy, Frank, and the kids didn't make it over. You don't want that to spread. Hopefully everyone had a great Easter though.
A much needed nap for my little tiny man - aunt Terri hung out with him while everyone was outside. Thanks Terr.
Jord felt pretty good until she got tired later. This is a cute picture!
Police robot time! These three played a pretty fun game together.
Last but not least, a family picture. These are rare...and this one turned out pretty good. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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