Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Weather!

They both are really liking Carter's bday present from Auntie Erica - the Tag reading stuff. Even Teague likes it! How cute do they look being all scholarly?
Teague always tries to steal Grandma's coffee when he sees it. He likes the whipped cream on top. Who doesn't? Anyway, he got a bit spoiled the other day with his own bowl with a little whipped cream in it. He looks awfully happy about it!
Really happy about it!
It was absolutely gorgeous here this weekend! 65 on Saturday and 72 yesterday. They said 80 here today! We went to Clark's park to play and run. Carter, as usual, gave Teague some pushes on the swings. They're buds.
Avery was looking pretty sporty on Saturday in her basketball shirt and shorts. She refused to let me brush her hair though. Some days she just likes it "crazy".
We went over to a big open space to play some kickball. Landon brought a little red ball (Carter was super impressed by my kicking ability). Teague took a timeout for a juicebox. He's addicted to them!
These two played some dodgeball with Erica before lunch. They are the winners!
Afterwards we spoiled them with some McDonalds lunch, and they had a picnic out on Erica's porch. It was a perfect day for it!
We had a wedding to attend on Saturday - Chris and Carisa Berger. Chris is Kyle's best friend/fellow cop, and he was in the wedding. We had way too much fun at their reception!
Three three are all policeman - Jarrett Branson, Tim Berger, and Kyle. You can tell Kyle had fun...he was down to the vest (he doesn't do well with heat!).
Sunday was probably Teague's best day ever. He got to wear awesome shorts, take a walk, ride his buggy, and pretty much be outside All Day!
Apparently Ave was pretty happy that Grandma made biscuits! She's such a goofball. She looked awfully cute in her summer clothes. You can't really tell but her shirt has a sparkly goat and says "Capricorn" underneath it. I've always been a sucker for zodiac stuff (and me and my Boo Bear are the same sign).
I got my little helpers some new garden gloves. They helped me do some gladiola bulbs yesterday (that should guarantee snow soon, sorry everyone). Our old ones didn't come in very well last year. They helped weed a little too.
My brother put Teague's buggy together yesterday. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got that for him for his birthday. He loved it! He really thinks he's driving!
Lastly, you know it's spring/summer when the barbecue comes out. It was Aunt Terri's Earthday/Birthday and Dad made some delicious salmon (her favorite) and BBQ chicken! Yum!

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