Monday, April 2, 2012

My kids make me laugh!

Someone has discovered the joy of otter pops! He watches the older kids eat them, and we just couldn't keep him away any longer. He does alright with them. They probably feel good on his teeth. He looks like a chunko here too. It must have been the way he was sitting because he's definitely a tiny guy!
He was watching videos on Uncle Kyle's Iphone. He loves his Uncle Kyle. Teague thinks he's fun!
Ave is too smart. I know she knows how to spell stop. She and Carter like to say "S-T-O-P" when we see stop signs. I didn't know she could write it until we had dinner at the Montana Club the other night. I like how she drew the red circle around it too. Come on Ave, where's the octagon?
She's very artsy too. I'm not sure where she got that from. This purple monster she drew at daycare is better than one that I could draw. I especially like his floating teeth and eyeballs (with eyebrows). She named him "Googly eyes" obviously.
We haven't gone swimming for awhile, so it was definitely time to go. The kids had a blast. I think we swam a half an hour longer than we usually do. They were all having the best time. This picture is so cute too! They all look so happy!
The big boys were ready to get in, so they were not in the mood for anymore pictures. I had to get my Teagie in there though. He's wearing his new swim trunks and shirt from Grandma Patsy. His face kills me in this one too - I love Ave's hand on his shoulder! She's always looking out for him. He was a maniac. It was the first time he's wanted to go off on his own. Kyle and I had to hold his hand while he walked in the shallow end. He also played in the fountains and went down the frog slide with the big kids.
Afterwards they like to relax on the Y couch and have a little snack before lunch. I know that doesn't really make sense. Swimming makes them so hungry though. It's hard work!
Early birthday present! We knew we were going to get Carter a big boy bike for his birthday. We didn't think we'd end up getting it Saturday night. We were at Walmart, and Carter saw this...A T-Rex bike (with a Transformers helmet)! What could be cooler! He was so excited.
This was not something we were planning on getting...but she needed one too. We explained to Carter that he also gets to go the Jumparoo for his party, pick a cake, and invite daycare friends. He's still making out pretty good!
This is what she picked out to ride to Poppa's in the morning. It was not the warmest outfit I've ever seen. They did great though. I had to help them across some of the big bumps, but they had a ball! It was hard to get pictures when I was running around between the two of them!
We played lots of Beatles' Rockband this weekend. It was pretty awesome. We had a great time. All the kids played some instruments - everyone's favorite is the drums of course. Go Teague! Carter kept grabbing the guitar and saying "Oh yeah, let's rock it out!".
Mom has the camera - get her!
Bike riding and swimming over the weekend is hard work. Sometimes when you are looking at Transformers on the just fall asleep. Poor guy!

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