Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduation and more!

Teague looks totally awesome in sunglasses (I'm not sure if these are Kelsie's or Erica's). He was singing too! He's a ham!
We were waiting for the preschool graduation for Carter and Landon to begin. Luckily I brought Brown Bear, Brown Bear to keep Teague occupied. He loves that book!
This is really a terrible picture. Mary was giving Carterman a little kiss after he got his cap and diploma. Mary is his favorite teacher.
Daddy looks very proud of his big boy. Carter and Landon were hilarious at the graduation. They were both in front singing and dancing away (especially Lando!). Kyle got it all on video. I watched it last night and laughed!
I love this picture! Ave was so good. She knew all the songs, but she kept quiet and just cheered for the boys. She's a good sister.
Carter looks like he was sick of smiling. They are still awfully cute though. I can't believe they will be at Emerson in the fall!
This was my attempt at getting all 3 of them in a picture...that turned out poorly!
Auntie Kelsie had to head back to Alaska last Thursday. Boo. We had so much fun with her! We were so happy she got to stay and watch the graduation before heading to Belgrade.
This picture makes me smile. It appears Lando is checking out the ceiling, and who knows what Ave is doing. The kids absolutely love Kelsie. Ave yelled upstairs for her Thursday made me sad.
I'm pretty sure it's sacrelege to play around in the nativity barn thing...but what can you do? The graduation is in the basement at St. John's church. They had to run around a bit!
Mr. Teague had a big day on Friday. He played so much that he fell asleep on the way to Poppa and Grandma's house from daycare. It's about a half a block ride! He looked so cute in his little jacket - I had to take a picture.
It was gorgeous here on Saturday and Sunday (it's 80 out today!). We had some record highs going. We went to Clark's Park for awhile while Kyle slept (graveyard shift takes some getting used to). They wore jackets for about 5 seconds before we realized how warm it was!
All 3 doing some swinging!
Carter and Avery brought some toys to play with too, and juiceboxes - hence the backpacks. They thought this tree had really cool roots. They were being explorers. They also informed me that they both want to be paleontologists when they grow up!
Someone insisted on taking off his shirt and wiping dirt all over his face Saturday night. He was so filthy! He had to have a bath Saturday and Sunday night. He would stay outside all day if we would let him!
A closeup on some of the dirt. There was a bunch more on his head and in both ears!
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I know I did! Red velvet pancakes for breakfast, 3 great kids, flowers, cards, 3 seasons of Breaking Bad (or Breaking Bats as Carter hinted to me), beautiful weather, and  lobster tails and salmon for dinner! Thanks fam!

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