Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kelsie's Here!

Last Monday we ended up taking all three sickos to the Dr - and I'm glad we did. Teague had conjunctivitis and an ear infection, Carter and Avery both had sinus infections. Luckily the medicine worked very fast. They are back to their old selves again! Daddy took Monday off to hang out with them; they were happy about that as you can see!
This is not a great picture, but I can't even explain how much fun they had at the weight room the other day. They've really changed everything around. This whole room is exercise balls, mats, jump ropes, etc...
Huge muscles!
Teaguers ran and ran and ran. I'm amazed I got a picture of him at all!
What a goofball! He is the busiest baby I've ever been around. He goes until he completely has to pass out!
Carterman spent the night with Lando on Saturday, so this is what these two did Sunday morning. When we got new carpet, we put a bunch of Teague's toys in a box. It's much funner to sit in and play!
They are a bit crazy. Their little faces make me laugh! She and Carter have been picking up little Teague a lot lately...I'm not sure if I like it. Teague thinks it's pretty cool though!
Auntie Kelsie is here! Erica and I knew she was coming, but it was a great suprise for Mom, Dad, Terr, and the girls. She came in on Sunday and played with the kids outside. They loved it!
This reminds me of how we used to play 500 all the time with Dad down at C Street park. I was throwing a plastic baseball off the roof to watch these two try to catch it. Good stuff!
Teague is getting pretty good at climbing up the little slides. He climbs, spins the wheel, (hopefully) sits and goes down the slide - then turns around and does the same thing on the other slide!
Avery and Aunt Kelsie have lots of fun together. I think last night they read about 10 books before bed!
My little cutie man was ready to rock! I don't know where he found this drumstick...but he's a bit dangerous with it! Sorry so late and not very many pictures. Next week will be better!

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