Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quiet, Rainy Week

Ave loves to dress up. She looked so cute in this little bird dress. I told her I wanted a picture of her, so of course she had to pose on the very top of the couch!
This is one of her go-to poses - "The Thinker".
Jordan and Carter are buddies. He always looks forward to playing with his cousins.
The boys wore their matching "Boom" shirts to daycare the other day. Carter was very excited to look just like Teague. He loves being a big brother.
Abb and Jord had their company dance show on Wednesday. They are amazing! I don't use that word lightly either - it blows my mind how good they are. Callie swung back through Butte to watch them again. We had lots of fun! Ave sat on my lap the whole time. She'll be dancing next year!
Sleepy little Teaguers. He looks like an angel here...but I know better.
He inisisted on wearing shoes over his pajamas and going out in the rain. His little butt was soaked! Memorial Day weekend was kind of gloomy. I didn't have any plans, but we were kind of cooped up.
Finally Monday afternoon we had a bit of sunshine. We took our cabin fever kids down to the park to play and run. This was after a rousing game of duck, duck, goose. They always change the animals though!
Almost bath time! They immediately start stripping when they hear the word "bath".
We went out to look at a rainbow yesterday. Teague really wanted to feel the puddles, so I let him. I mistakenly thought he would be cold and would want to come inside. I was wrong!
Ave came outside to join him. He was laughing at Grandma here so he could not bother to look at me. He was not happy when I made him come inside. He did like getting his feet washed off in the sink though!
Teague and his red pen were really helpful to Poppa. They corrected a few Montana History papers together. I wonder what those kids thought when they saw scribbles on their quizzes!
Meanwhile, Abbey Jean was throwing pillows at the big kids while they ran around the front room. This has been a delightful game for years! Little Kyle started it when the boys were pretty small. They laugh and laugh!
After the pillow fight, everyone's friends again. I love this picture!

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