Monday, August 20, 2012

Quiet Hiking Weekend

It's 85 degrees outside kids, what should we do? Bake cookies of course! Ave had been asking for awhile if we could make cookies, so we did. Half were dyed pink, the others were blue. Yum!
Kids are so messy...but they have so much fun getting that messy. Teague REALLY enjoyed the cookies - he's got a sweet tooth already!
Have some more sugar kids, you don't look insane at all!
Teague was crawling around in the bath and kind of slipped flat. I told him he looked like a fishy. He then spent the rest of the bath sliding back and forth saying, "fish, fish, fish, fish"!
Teague loves when Carter shares his "bed" with him. For some reason, Carter and Avery love to make beds all over the house with all their pillows and blankets.
These two are crazy cousins. They've been getting along very well lately. I'm not sure what this pose is, but I love their juice stained mouths!
Teague has discovered that Mickey Mouse is everywhere! Movies, books, coloring pages, and juice cups. He walks around saying, "Mouse" and "Duck" and showing everyone how smart he is.
The boys are very into baseball right now. Landon, Carter, and I stayed out pretty late the other night pitching and hitting.
We had a very quiet Saturday. On Sunday we went for a hike. Teague got to come for the first time. He loved it!
He wanted a walking stick like everyone else had. Watch out Poppa!
Carter insisted on wearing gloves, just in case he had to use his hands on a really steep part. He also borrowed Ave's binoculars so he could be on the lookout for bald eagles. He is usually my lazy boy, but he went up that whole mountain by himself!
Ave sang made up hiking songs and only needed one little piggyback ride. She was in a great mood, and of course, insisted on wearing a skirt!
We see you Poppa!
Break time! Erica packed some fruit snacks to energy boost the kids. It worked!
She is goofy. She liked to stop on random stumps and salute people. She kept saying "Aye, Aye" as they walked by. I'm never sure where she gets this stuff!
We made it to the Continental Divide Trail Vista. It is an awesome view.
Teague is a little bully. Everytime Carter sat by him, he tried to push him off the rock. We're trying to teach him the meaning of "Nice".
Me and my girl - she is awesome!
Big Kyle (who got too warm obviously) and Little Kyle decided to throw boulders at some dead trees. Boys will be boys.
These two are best pals.
Group picture (minus Erica the photographer)!
I thought this walking stick Uncle Kyle picked out was a little large. Carter tried to climb it!
Dad was walking above us for a minute. I asked him to do his best BigFoot walk. It looked more like a robot. Little Kyle did a great one though. We had lots of fun!

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