Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mini Vacation Time!

Carter the bum didn't want to go out and play until it was almost dark. Then he played and played forever in the sprinkler! He was soaked!
As you can see...
This is how Teague cheers when we watch the Olympics (which we love to watch)! He looks like he's casting a spell on them while he yells "Go, Go, Go"!
Ave had a nightmare...so this is what I woke up to in the morning!
We went to Molly Peck's 4th birthday party at Clark's park. Here are Teague and Shamus, born only 3 days apart!
Thursday after work was the start of our mini-vacation. This summer has been so crazy. We haven't had  time to go anywhere. We made it up to Missoula Thursday night. We stayed with Callie, had some pizza, and had frozen yogurt. Yum! We also saw lots of deer in her backyard. The kids thought that was really cool.
Carter told Callie that it was the best place he's ever been to! Nice pick Cal! We stopped there on our way back on Sunday too!
The next day we had lunch at the Iron Horse and walked passed some bums down to the carousel and dragon park. The carousel was awesome. I couldn't believe how fast it went!
Checking out the river! We were watching some people try to surf and kayak. We had a great time and definitely wore the kids out.
Then we drove to Kalispell. The minute we got there, the kids were ready to play again. They all had a blast with this mini-trampoline.
Callie gave Ave two little braids - they were so cute.
She and Landon were doing some amazing moves on the trampoline. They were going for "gold medals" and did some fabulous dismounts!
If we set up a pool at home, they would ignore it. For some reason when Aunt Diane sets one up, it's the best thing ever! Look at Ave, what a clown!
Teague would only put one leg in at first...
Pretty soon he wouldn't get out! He and Jordan were checking out all the fish.
Carter found a watergun. He was good for the next two days!
Carter is my sweet boy. He told Aunt Diane she was the best! She did spoil us the whole time we were there!
Teague lived in that rocking chair this weekend. He loved it! Art did an awesome job refinishing those chairs.
Diane brought us to a park with a zipline! We all had lots of fun with it.
Ave was brave - she did it no problem!
Art and Teague had a good time putting rocks on various playground objects.
Kyle of course, had to try the zip line too!
Saturday was Woodland Park time! We had so much fun at the waterpark. We were there for about four hours I think! Teague took a little nap right when we arrived (thanks Diane and Terri for sitting with him), and woke up in the best mood!
Ave enjoyed her pretzel...I think!
Landon too - they all were very good there.
Abb turned lobster red over the weekend. I'm sure she's nice and tan now...I hate people like that!
Dana met us there with her kids. Jada and Madelyn were hilarious. They hopped right in the pool with Aunt Diane!
Dana's little boy Colt is getting so big - Teague had fun pointing at him and saying "Baby"!
Jordan's flip - the girls did some awesome moves off the diving board.
Abb's flip - nice form!
Teague and Carter really enjoyed the lazy river. They also enjoyed laying on the deck chairs together!
Silly brothers!
Dana came back to Diane's for dinner and more playtime. Colt had a good time with his toys on the floor.
Mmm...popsicles after dinner!
All 7 silly kids...wish we could see Maddy's face.
There was an epic squirt fight going on. Teague just stayed in the pool and watched everyone running around.
All seven kids again - they are so cute!
2 baby boys. Teague would only sit still if he could wear Erica's sunglasses! Good thinking Auntie.
One more - Lando's face is making me laugh!
Oh yeah...looking good buddy!
Dana and I decided these two would have way too much fun together...or they would fight nonstop! They were yelling made-up words and laughing hysterically at eachother here.
Sunday was a time to feed the ducks. I saw a turtle too. It was sunning itself on a rock.
Jordan and Abbey were great helpers this weekend. Thanks girls!
Last but not least Carter climbing the cool tree in the park! Just a big thank you to Diane, Art, and Callie for letting us hang out with them this weekend. We had so much fun, and we appreciate your hospitality!

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