Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Kalispell trip for 3 kids!

Mom was in Denver when we went up to Kalispell this summer, so she decided to go up last weekend. She bravely took Carter, Avery, and Landon with her! They had to make a stop at the zip line park of course. Someone broke the rope though...made it a bit more difficult!
Last time we were there, the only one who played with rocks was Teague. This time it dissolved into some sort of rock fight. Not good.
Aunt Diane with the boys! They love the lazy river.
These spoiled kids got the waterpark and Whitefish all in one day! They had a blast at the beach. They are still talking about it!
She is such a nut!
Look at those awesome waves. That's such a nice place to visit.
What is this? She looks surpised!
Nice jazz hands Lando!
I like this picture just because Boo is off on her own in the water.
She looks like she's dancing. Hopefully she will... I have her signed up for tap/tumbling on Tuesdays at 2:30. She's changed her mind 4 times already!
They are in pretty deep here! I'm glad they had such a good time!
This is one cool dinosaur slide!
All 3 chilling in some tires. This looks like a nice park - I missed this one!
She's a monkey - I really missed them this weekend. It was unnaturally quiet around my house. I'm glad they had fun though, and a big thanks to Mom and Aunt Diane. They love to visit Kalispell!
We had a dress up night around our house one evening. Doesn't Carter look smashing?
This is one of my new favorite pictures of Teagie! Everything is covered, he looks happy, and he's so cute!
He loves to play with his puppy. He also has discovered that slippers are pretty fun to walk around in...especially with nothing else on!
These two were having some kind of contest of whose boots/hat combo was better. I called it a tie...those galoshes are pretty fierce though.
It's pirate Carter! Kyle was trying to make him wear a bow tie too - Carter wanted to use it as an eye patch.
Carter and Landon graduated from swim lessons last Wednesday. Then they got to go down the slide numerous times! They loved it. It was tough to get a good picture of them.
Graduate Carter.
Graduate Landon.
Teague really wanted to walk directly into the pool fully clothed. Instead he reached into the hot tub and splashed around. Then he got to go outside and play!
Teague loves Terri's shoes. He always tries to make her take them off so he can walk around in them. He's silly!
This was  the start of our quiet weekend. Just Teague, Poppa, and I at Great Harvest. He did get lots of rides on the bike carrier, trips to the park, and trips to the store. He knew something was off though. He gave Carter and Ave the biggest smiles when they came home!

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