Sunday, November 11, 2012

A super quiet time

Jocko turned 14 on November 2nd! I can't believe it! Everyone had a great time singing to her.
My poor husband had his 4th ACL surgery on his left knee on Tuesday. He's feeling very good though and his kids are being very helpful and nice to him!
Avery's favorite color for daycare on Tuesday! I can't spell out the color unfortunately because the double-u on the computer keyboard is not cooperating.
I can't even spell out the name of this cold substance that came from the sky in bunches! Apparently it is named inter Storm Brutus - and it is a doozy. None of it has melted at all. There are tons of huge icicles hanging too!
Teagie has discovered that he can climb the ladder up to Carter's bed. I'm not pleased! He is though! He refused to take off this shirt from Grandma for 2 days - he even slept in it!
Day 2 of the storm. 2 crazy boys loving it before they hopped in Auntie Erica's car for school!
Looking good Miss Boo - she's ready to brave the Storm!
Grandma and Poppa came back from Bozeman ith this lovely turkey hat! Carter looked fabulous!
They also got Ave some dance clothes. She loves dance stuff (and she looks smashing in it)!
Sometimes a boy is so tired, he can't even get a shirt on before nap time. Poppa said it looked like Mardi Gras!
These three helped Poppa shovel outside. They had some rosy cheeks after! It as definitely cocoa time! Unfortunately it is too cold to really play out there.
Teagie really enjoyed his first time having cocoa. He made a giant mess so I found a nice orange stra (damn keyboard!). This is a hard post to type out - I use that missing letter a lot! More next time...very quiet these last couple days.

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