Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Halloween fun!

This is from Grandma's camera. She was late for the parade at Emerson because she was at Teagie's parade. The teachers let her take a few pictures before they went back to class. Mr. Popular here has a lot of little buddies already! Mom said they didn't want him to take a picture by himself.
He won best costume! I'm not sure who voted, but my little policeman led the parade and got a $5 giftcard for Walmart (he got a gun that makes noise of course)!
These cousins are awfully cute. They had a lot of fun together on Halloween.
My friend Andrea had some great decorations - we stopped there after visiting Nancy and Frank.
Teague liked her glowing pumpkin.
All purple flower fairies should really wear police hats - look how great they look together!
They enjoyed some pizza with Grandma while Dad and I were in Billings for the third week in a row.
Cool guy alert!
Four Halloween kiddos!
It was so nice to see Terri Jo and Drea! I wish I would have seen them more than once. She is so cute, and such a good little girl!
I got to walk the little ladybug around for a few minutes and get some cuddles. She's just a sweet baby!
The spider checked out the ladybug a few times. It was pretty funny to watch them size eachother up!
We did some trick or treating at Grandma's work and Aunt Terri's work. The waiting room on the 5th floor has an awesome fish tank. They almost didn't want to leave!
Cute little brothers going around the neighborhood together.
Erica and I were there too, but this is a nice shot of Kyle and the four kids all lined up. It was a beautiful night! We really lucked out!
Teague was a maniac. He wanted to pick out his own candy at every house! All the kids were so good about saying "Trick or Treat", "Happy Halloween", and "Thank You!". Even my Ave, whose usually shy, was wonderful about it.
Erica and Lando were doing some great bear shadows. Since you can't see the shadows, they just look crazy!
They are lucky to have such a giant kid for a Grandpa. This mask has been around about 20 years I think - it never fails to scare at least one of them!
Gotta pass around such an awesome mustache!
Teagie loves a good bath - he looks so fresh and so clean (clean).
Poor passed out baby! I love when he falls asleep on his own, that's when you know he's a super tired guy!

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