Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween preview - more to come...

Teague eats everything - I love that about him! Coffee ice cream that Kyle loves? Of course!
Orange day at daycare. Sorry these captions are short. I've got to go pick up the boys. They are out early for Halloween!
Another Avery heading to dance picture - she loves dance!
I have a picture of Laney napping with every kid. She loves her "kids".
Mickey Mouse pumpkin that I carved for Teagie - not too shabby huh?
Officer Barsness (Jr)! He won best costume in his class!
Ave looked marvelous as a "Purple Flower Fairy"!
He finally agreed to try on the hat (after I wore it to show him how cool it was)! Now he won't take it off!
Little buddies heading to daycare!
She was a little chilly, but she wanted to walk in the parade with her wings.
Not a good photo of me, but a nice group photo anyway.
Teague and his buddy Gaige (they were born two days apart). Teagie just kept saying "Gaige - Pirate!).
I borrowed a couple pictures from Auntie Erica's camera. I love Teague's little smile in this one.
 Ave in the parade.
Landon as Mario in his parade. I love that mustache! It covers half his face!
Carterman holding the sign that said "Mrs. Campbell's class". What a smile!
Erica kindly cut me out of this one - Miss Boo looks beautiful though. More to come!

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