Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ave's party and more!

Ave looked so cute the other night in Carter's baseball hat. They were wearing hats and wielding weapons - you know, like a normal night at any house!
Carter was wearing Ave's dance backpack as well. It was packed with many supplies like dice and sunglasses. 
My smart boy told us he was Student of the Month in November. However, he had no details except that he thought his teacher and principal told him that. Turns out...he was right! I don't know if they hang up the certificates on the wall for awhile, but we this came home in his backpack last week. Turns out Landon was Student of the Month in November for his class too. He didn't mention it to Erica at all! They are smart cousins, just not well informed. We are very proud! 
 They are also superheroes!
We love Teague's new Hulk pajamas. He walks around and says, "Hulk smash" over and over and over again. 
 Ave had her birthday party on the 12th. As usual, it was at Silver Bow and as usual, she had lots of fun! It was super cold and the flu is going around (Poor Grandma Burgman had it) so we didn't have our usual crowd. It was still great. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness braved the roads, and she was very excited to see them.
Abb and Jord were very excited to give her this Belle and Beast doll they got for her in Disneyland. She loves it! She took it over to Auntie Erica's the next day to show her how awesome it is.
She was not as shy as usual. She said "thanks" to everybody and read every card like a good girl. 
Teague and Liam looked so cute together riding on the racecar. Of course, I couldn't get them both to look at me at the same time! 
See? Still cute! 
She had a beautiful BRAVE cake this year. She loves that movie, Merida is super cool! 
 Imagine that...I didn't put in the candles where she wanted them. I never do anything right! She is too independent sometimes. I'm thinking that comes with being too smart.
Landon's singing face. I'm not sure what Ave is doing. 
 Carter massacred his cake. I'm not sure why it has to be stabbed. He looks good in his 49ers shirt though. Go 49ers! Go anyone but the Patriots!
What a cheesy cake face! I can't believe my girl is 4 already! 
Madisyn was amazing at this basketball game. Dad said she shoots better than most of his sophomore basketball team1 
Teague loves his Poppa. This is also a nice picture of Poppa's new shirt we got him for Christmas. It makes me laugh, and it's perfect for an English teacher. It says, "Let's eat Grandma." Then underneath, "Let's Eat, Grandma." Then "Commas save lives". I love it! Thanks so much for everyone coming and partying with us. We appreciate our families so much! 

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