Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sledding/Winter Fun

We finally got to go sledding this year! It started to get warm, but not warm enough to melt all our snow yet. We went to Clark's Park and were the only ones there. So much fun - look at happy Carter's face!
 My Boo and Landon went down on the purple sled a bunch of times.
  Carter took his brother down a couple times. Teague had the biggest grin on his face everytime. 
My smiley boy. He got a little chilly after awhile and sat with Kyle in the truck. He was a trooper though. Sometimes he just walked up the hill and ran down for fun! 
 I like this picture with the sun going down and my Ave going up. I love sledding. I could never live somewhere where it was warm all the time. Snow is good for kids!
 My kiddos. I just love them. We had a great day!
 Erica, Landon, Avery, and Carter packed into the purple sled for a couple rides. They looked quite happy about it.
Carter decided to try to jump on Erica and crashed into the snow. This face makes me laugh! 
Mom and son picture - very nice. 
Mom and daughter picture - also very nice. 
Ave made a nice snow angel before we left. She was very proud of how it turned out and asked me to take a picture for her. 
She looked so cute in this outfit (thanks Kelsie and Grandma and Grandpa Barsness). She didn't want to smile for me though. 
Time to make a snowman. The snow was melting a little bit so it was perfect to pack together. 
 She told me today she was Queen of the Mountain, but she was a mean Queen and I should be careful.
Mr. Blue Eyes is the nicest guy in the world. He's happy 96% of the time - that's my estimate anyway. 
 They were cooking for Poppa in their restaurant, he requested Chicken Gizzards and Fried Trematodas. Luckily they had those. I love Ave's smile in this!
We had to patch up our snowman a little bit. Ave decided to shake his hand as well. 
 The big boys and Poppa had a snowball fight. Both of them ended up with snow in one eye. They were fine. I made them take this funny picture to remember the moment!
A day playing out in the snow wears a kid out. She passed out while talking to Jordan. She also spent the night with Erica last night while we were at the Police "Christmas in January" party. Terri and Jordan watched the Teagie Pie. Thanks everyone, we had lots of fun. 

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