Monday, January 7, 2013

These pictures are way out of order. Apparently every other time I try to use the blog, it will be stupid. Such is life. Anyway, here are some outdoor pictures. We've had weird fluffy snow unfortunately. No good for sledding or snowball fighting. It works for shoveling though!
These two were hiding out in the little house (which they have filled with their gang graffiti as you can see) so Poppa couldn't hit them with piles of snow from his shovel. 
Auntie Erica, Landon, Avery, and Teague hung out in the tree for a little bit. That's always fun! 
I love this little face! 
Since we couldn't make an actual snowman, we made this happy mound of snow. It was still fun! 
This bulldozer was a present for Carter when he turned 1. We have gotten a lot of use out of it! 
My little girl turned 4 on January 1st! I can't believe it! She should not be that old yet. Time is passing much too quickly for me.
She's having her party on the 12th, but she had a spaghetti dinner, cake, and gifts with the family on her real birthday. She had a good time! 
Yes! Mary Poppins! I was pretty happy Auntie Erica got this for her. I can't wait to watch it with her. 
 Here she is in all her Ariel stuff with her baby Ariel and toddler Ariel that Grandma and Poppa gave her that night. She looks so cute - what a smile.
Poppa picked these out special for Carter and put them in his Christmas stocking. Carter is always telling everyone he is a scientist and paleontologist. He has to look the part. He wore these over his has when we took a walk the other night, and they are great for eating pizza. 
Poor worn out girl. This did not look comfortable at all - don't worry, I moved her. 
We went to a birthday party for baby Kolt on the 29th. It's hard to believe he's 1 already. This is definitely our busy birthday season for friends and kids.
These two are goofballs and awfully funny. 

Dana and I and our baby boys. Kolt is bigger than Teague already!
He really enjoyed his Spiderman birthday cake! 
All 6 of the Stevens/Barsness kids. They have a good time together, and so do we! 

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