Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lots of imagination!

Grandma got them some colored soap which they were dying to play with. The pretty much used all 4 bottles in one bath! As you can see, they loved it! They also love bubble beards...apparently Carter had bubble eyes!
Teague did not want to get out of the bath. Ha Ha! His little cranky face is still pretty cute.
Phil and Mary Jo bought Carter this rocking horse for Christmas or his 1st birthday, I can't remember which. It is still very loved! They have a blast pushing eachother down the hallway or going down the two stairs in the front room.
Teague was too busy eating leftover birthday cake to join in!
We have lots of random playtime stuff this week. Ave was helping Teague play memory on the IPad. We have 4 different memory games at home, but this way is less messy!
Carter made the "most powerful Quantonium in the world". It was Quantonium 25 whatever that is. He has quite the imagination. All my kids do. Dr. Graham always said he would like to be a fly on the wall just one day at our house, just to see how busy and silly the kids are. We miss him :(
Carter was begging for a bow and arrow for his birthday. I thought this was a terrible idea. Then I found this cheap-o one with suction cup arrows. He loves it! And he's only allowed to shoot it down the hallway. So far, so good. Unfortunately Teague was obsessed with it! So, our nice Carterman bought his brother one with his own birthday money (thanks Grandma Bonnie!). Teague doesn't even like the arrows or the string on his bow. He just wants to carry it around and say that he's Hawkeye!
Teague was being a superhero fighting Poppa the othernight (note the bow in his hand). These capes they got for Easter are awesome.
Ave was being a shy little "Wonder Avery" here!
Avery wanted to take some pictures the other night. Auntie Erica was ready...then Lando photobombed the picture!
These two are just plain weird. This pose seems to happen a lot. Landon likes his hand on Carter's head I guess! They were very proud of some level they beat on the Wii.
Avery and Teague are going to eat me out of house and home. They have discovered the joy of Poptarts. I swear we went through 6 boxes in a week (their Dad helps)!
This two year old works hard. He took two trips in the bike carrier with Poppa to Ace Hardware (Dad said he made quite a sight carrying his bow around), and they wore him out! He's such a good boy!

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