Monday, April 15, 2013

My Carter Robert is 6!

First of all, I must tell you that our new Dairy Queen/Orange Julius is finally open! We are all happy, although no one is as happy as my husband. He could drink a Strawberry Julius every day. Unfortunately for him, Teague has decided they are delicious and steals drinks as much as possible!
Last time Carter got his teeth cleaned, the dentist was sick. So we stopped by for a quick check by Dr. Field on Tuesday. All was well, and Carter desperately needed nachos from El Taco afterwards. It is right by the dentists office so what could I do? Landon ordered some spuds, and they enjoyed their snack immensely.
I had to take a picture of Ave's fashion one day before we headed to daycare. She was wearing all leapard print and then threw a zebra scarf on for some contrast. She makes me laugh! She also wanted me to make sure I got her Lilo and Stitch book in the picture. She enjoys that movie.
My Carterman turned 6 years old on Thursday. I can't believe it! He's such a good boy, and he had a great time at school that day. He got to be the leader and hand out some cookies. We had pastys for dinner that night (his favorite thing) and some cupcakes. His cousin and siblings are excellent singers!
He's so handsome - although I think it's almsot haircut time!
On Friday, I took Ave and Teague to Father Sheehan Park for a picnic lunch. It was a little breezy, but they played for a good two hours there. Ave is quite the little worm. She is so careful and balances very well!
Teague refused to let go of his Lightning McQueen cell phone even while walking on the bridge or climbing the rock wall. He can be a tad bit stubborn when he wants to be!
They had a lot of fun, not that I could get a smile out of this guy. He's that age where he will not smile anymore if I ask him to.
Carterman had a wonderful party on Saturday at the Jumparoo. It's about three times bigger than it was last year. So nice! They've added some more activities too. He had a lot of kids there, and they got along great. Madisyn and Mason made friends with Sam, who goes to school at Emerson with Carter.
Landon and Danny (from Emerson) loved this basketball game. So did Madisyn (she'll be a great basketball player like her Mom).
A big cheesy Carter smile. He was so happy the whole time!
Avery was thrilled when Reese and Brooklyn arrived. They had never been there before, and they loved it!
A blurry group shot. Teague was an absolute maniac out there. He only stopped for a drink of juicebox. Otherwise he went down the slides the whole time! I think we've got Danny and cousin Connor in front, Teague, Landon, and Sam next, and Austin and Mason at the top. All different ages, but they were very careful of eachother.
Oh I forgot, Teague did pretend to drive a few times. On a side note, Jordan helped a bunch at the party. She always made sure Teague was not falling over around the big kids. Thanks Jocko!
Time for the cake. Auntie was holding Teague, but everyone else tried to fit in on one table: Danny, Carter, Connor, Elliot (from Emerson), Kasey (from Emerson) on the far side. Then Landon, Sam, Siri (Sam's little sister who Ave knows from daycare), Avery, Brooklyn, Reese, Madisyn, and Mason. Austin must have been jumping!
Time to blow out the candles on his awesome Captain America cake!
He's so cute. The Avengers are very big in our house right now as you can tell from the shirt and cake.
They all started out sitting down, that didn't last long. They really wanted to see what he got for presents! Thank you so much to everyone who came, especially Dick and Diana who drove down from Sunburst. The weather was not lovely this weekend. We appreciate our family and friends!
Lastly, Carter (in his new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa Burgman) and his little sister before bed. She loves her of whom would not sit still for a picture as you can see. Thanks again everybody!

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