Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big smiles for everyone!

I gave Laney my best at home haircut. It is not goood...but she feels much better. She just wanted to play and play afterwards. Luckily Avery and Carter were ready to play also.
I love this picture. They love their dog!
It was one of those random "fix Daddy" nights. Carter is spraying him with water, Teague has a hammer, and I'm not sure what Ave is doing. He's a lucky guy!
What's better than one saw...two saws!
This is Avery's "interested" face. That's what she told me anyway.
Time to draw! I like how Ave is just in a shirt and pants while Teague is all bundled up. He loves his zebra hat.
We had another Friday picnic. This time we went to Clark's Park. Ave looks very happy to be there!
You can't really tell, but Teague is hanging here. He is so big all of a sudden! I don't worry about him falling. He's pretty coordinated!
A little tire swing action. It's Avery's favorite.
Can you tell?
It was very windy. Not cold but windy. Ave helped Teague to the car. She loves her little brother. She is always nice to him.
Landon spent the night on Friday. In the morning they did a great job setting up a cool train track for the Cars.
Then we went to United Way's "Day of the Child" activities in the mall. There was a ton of stuff to do there. They had a blast. They all really loved the face painting.
Landon got a lovely red star.
Carter got a sweet lightning bolt. Teague had one too, but he rubbed it off.
Ave had a pretty pink flower.
Erica's co-worker painted these. She did a great job! I love how Carter is looking down to see what Ave looked like! He wanted to wear a hat this weekend, he looked so cute in it.
Avery lifted Teague up so he could be Buzz. He loved it (almost much as the sucker in his mouth)!
Avery did some coloring at the Girl Scouts booth.
Teague won a balloon! Avery also got some pansys that we put in the garden when we got home. We picked a sheltered spot. Hopefully they are okay out there!
There were a lot of fun games as you can see. I'm glad we went!
Sunday morning was a little rainy, but still warm. This is such a good picture of these 3. Ave really wanted them to get under the umbrella with her!
Teague got this hat at Evel Dayz last year. After Carter wore his weekend, Teague really wanted to wear one too. He looked smashing! He was keeping his playhouse tidy too. What a good boy.
Teague loves his Uncle Kyle. He likes to sit on him and just chat. He's so funny!

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