Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I can't believe it's August!

I don't have too many here, but they are cute. I borrowed Mom's camera until Saturday when she, Dad, Carter, and Ave headed out for North Dakota to see Erica, Landon, and Sean. I'm jealous, but Teague would not have enjoyed a 9 hour trip. He's having a good time here with lots of attention. Ave all of a sudden remembered she had a bike last week. She was quite timid around the block the first time, the next 3 trips she was flying!
Teague did not want to get off his buggy. I love this little face! He's been making some very silly little smiles lately.
Carter was wearing this awesome shirt with a record on it, so we decided to play some records. They thought it was really cool. Carter even put the needle down very carefully. Ave likes Elton John, so we listened to that first. I got out some Led Zeppelin, Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Springsteen, and Jim Croce for next time. Mom and Dad have an impressive collection to choose from.
We've been making late trips to the park. About 7:30 or 8 it's just perfect for these little fools to run and play!
We always have to do all four colors of cowboy swings of course. Here's that silly face again!
And again! He was peeking out at me from the tunnel by the slide.
How can I not take a million pictures of this? He's such a funny little man.
Do you think these two might be related? I  sometimes just look at Carter and can't believe how much he looks like his Daddy.
We went up to Copper Mountain the next night with Grandma and Papa. It was a beautiful night, no wind and no mosquitos up there too (that's rare)! Teague calls this little thing the Post Office and says, "You want some mail?" His Great Grandpa Winks would be so proud.
My pretty girl. I miss them so much. 2 more days!
My Carterman in his awesome ninja turtles shirt. That missing tooth kills me. Apparently he got to go to soccer practice with Landon in North Dakota and loved it. He held a lizard too. He'll have lots of stories when he gets back. I bet they are having a blast!
I got them some fingerpaint for the bath and asked them not to use all of it. Guess what, they did! Oh well, they had fun. Teague got out, and Carter and Avery stayed in forever. It sounded like they were making an infomercial. Carter would paint the walls. Then Ave would say, just use some side effects DNA. It tackles tough stains! It was hilarious!
Lastly, my only picture from the Relay for Life. It was at the Mac this year, and we were mostly inside. Mother of the Year here forgot jackets. We had lots of fun though. We bought our luminaries and did some laps. Then Jordan helped Ave with art projects. Carter did one and then ran like a crazy person around the gym. It's always a great event. Sean's sister was in charge this year, and I thought she did a great job. We are heading to Kalispell Friday and coming back Monday, so look for another Tuesday blog next week!

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