Monday, January 13, 2014

Party time

My boy was finally on TV for being Student of the Month! I was so proud, and Carter was super excited. He's handsome and smart, the lucky guy!
Avers had her birthday party yesterday at the Jumparoo. She had a blast, everyone did I think! Jordan couldn't help herself. She had to play at the end of the party with Teagie. They are buddies.
Ave with Madisyn and Mason. Ritter (their Mom) said they insisted on wearing shorts. You do work up a good sweat jumping around that much!
Getting ready to have some delicious Despicable Me cake on her Frozen plates and with her Princess cups. The girl likes everything!
She has such a nice smile. The Jumparoo doesn't help with girls hair though!
She had so much fun out there.
Time to open some presents! She got very spoiled, so thanks everyone.
Liam had so much fun out there! I know you can't tell from this picture (Jamie said he hates the camera), but he did not want to leave. He played and played!
Avery and some of her buddies: Reese, Sawyer, Brooklyn, and Teague!
Teague was being Cyclops here. He is always someone else, usually a Superhero or X-Man!
Finally got a picture of my Carterman. He was very good out there. He was the "big" kid, and he was super helpful with Teague and Liam.
Just having some fun at the weight room. We are slowly trying to be better about working out more and eating better. They love going up there!
Two boys in their Iron Man pajamas. They enjoy matching and shooting their "repulsor blasts" at us!
Thor has been pretty obsessed with oranges lately. I have to buy them at the store everytime we go! I don't have a problem with it, that's a good snack.
Carl and Jenny sent us some money for Christmas (thank you again!), and Ave picked out this Princess couch/bed with her money. These two both love it!
Here's the bed part. They always have fun playing together on their stay home with Mom days. They get along great 90% of the time!
Lastly, (I don't know why these are so out of order) my boys hugging. I love when they all get along, and I truly love when I get a real smile from my Carterman! So cute!

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