Sunday, February 9, 2014

A tiny post...

I only have a few pictures from this week. My new camera is supposed to arrive Wednesday - Yay! Anyway, we have a lot of snow here in Butte! This was on Saturday. I like Ave's surprised face here.
Teagie came outside just for a minute. He was not in a snowy mood - he looks happy here though. The only problem now is that the snow is powdery. We want to make a snowman!
Ave got cold and went inside. It was only about 5 degrees. Carter and I stayed outside and packed snow into flower pots. We made 10 lovely little molds along the walk. Ave stuck a carrot in that first one on the left!
I took a picture with my rosy cheeked boy - he was a trooper. He has such a nice smile here!
Then we all had some hot cocoa. Well, I had tea. It was tasty though!
Ave and Carter spent the night at Papa's. Avery said Carter kept her up all night. She shoveled side walks (we had another 4 inches last night!), and we went to the weight room. It obviously wore her out!
My little Hulk was tired too. He was a maniac at the weight room. I can't believe he'll be three on Thursday - he's my baby!
Carter relaxed in a laundry basket while watching Harry Potter. He's a good kid! I'll have more next week. Everyone have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Lastly, some snow piled up by the garage! It was pretty crazy after the mostly dry December and January we've had.

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