Sunday, February 2, 2014

Broken camera...again

Yep. I broke my camera again. Luckily it had a warranty, and a new one is on the way. I just am rough on cameras I guess. Probably because I carry it with me everywhere in my purse. Anyway, here are some I took with Mom's camera. Teague was having lots of fun drawing on the sidewalks one day when it was gorgeous out. We have had the weirdest weather!
This little goofball and I drew Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and New York City. She's already a better artist than I am.
This was their Super-Hero poses!
They were decorating the outside of the playhouse on another gorgeous day in Butte!
Must have been the weekend because Carter is in pajamas!
I love how blue Teague's eyes look in this! Carter was helping him play a math game on the IPad.
This fool was sitting like this eating apples and peanut butter, and I had to take a picture. Who sits like that? Ha Ha!
Some snow! It's very fine and powdery but we've got a good bit of it now. It snowed again later on this day.
Ave was writing her name with her sai.
There is nothing like carving designs in snow with swords right?
They had a really good time. Then they had some hot cocoa to warm up :)
Hulk gets tired after playing in the snow, luckily his favorite place to lay was available!
Abb and Jord danced on Saturday at the boys game. They were awesome as usual! They are both kind of right in the middle of this picture. Jord in the front row, Abb right behind her.
Afterwards, Carter wanted to take some action shots. This is one of them! He wanted to get them both turning at the same time.
Here's another fabulous one.
I don't know why I'm posting these. Carter was just very proud of his "snaps" as he was calling them!
She will always pose!
Teague took this one! Probably the best smile I've seen from my handsome Carterman in a long time!

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