Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teague is 3!

Carter is not the best homework guy. It's like pulling teeth sometimes. Once you get him set up though, he does great. He loves putting his spelling words in alphabetical order!
They love these foam letters and numbers from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. They make a very colorful living room rug!
We let him open a couple presents from us and one from Auntie Kelsie (Joe and Lincoln too) on his birthday on Thursday. I still can't believe he's 3. He still seems so little...   Anyway, he loved this Gambit (he's one of the X-Men) that Kelsie found for him. He's always running around with him yelling, "If you want to play with Gambit, you gotta take a card!"
These two were very helpful with their little brother of course.
He's been asking for the Hulk truck everytime we went to Walmart. He opened it and said, "It's that thing I really like!" He's a goofball.
He was even happy to pose with it in his Hulk pajamas! His birthday party is next Sunday at the Jumparoo. He'll be spoiled even more if possible. He also got Auntie Erica's present in the mail on Friday. He had a blast playing with the Captain Hook hooks! He got some cool bad guys from Grandma and Papa (Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Super Skull) and a Nick Fury that he loves. Some books too! Terri, Abb, and Jord got him a Transformer rescue bot that he wanted and an awesome Raphael that sticks to the walls.Thanks so much everybody!
We had the funnest day on Saturday. We went up to the hospital to try sledding up there. We thought they were getting a little big for Clark's Park. It was a pretty nice day - no wind, not too slushy. It ended up being perfect! We had our own little spot on the hill, and we were there for a good 2 hours! Teague was ready to roll! Don't worry, he didn't go by himself!
The boys on their first run. Carter was a maniac. He ran up the hill and went down by himself many times!
My hair is insane, but it always is. I do think my little Avery is the prettiest girl in the world though! Just my opinion...but she's gorgeous.
Teague posing for Auntie Terri. She came up to check out the sledding on her day off, and Teague made her go down the hill with him! She had fun going with Carter too - we were flying!
A rare family photo - thanks Terri! We also went to the Lego movie that evening and really enjoyed it. Very cute!
Lastly, a girl and her dog. They were laying in the sun together, and Lane was just loving it. She's a good pup. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day by the way!

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