Sunday, October 26, 2014

Almost Halloween :)

Ave is my little weirdo. She decided to hang out and do some yoga in a little cardboard box. She just makes me laugh sometimes!
I had to make Mr. Teagie get out of bed early on Thursday. He went to Emerson with Carter and Avery and got his picture taken. He looked super handsome!
This is what they wore for picture day. Carter was just sent that shirt by Landon this week. Erica sent lots of good stuff - we appreciate it! Carter has worn a blue striped shirt 3 years in a row for picture day :)
Time for some pumpkin carving! Ave was the only one who was really interested in the whole process. I cleaned it out. She didn't mind the feel of the pumpkin guts either.
Dad drew one of his famous giant killers on the pumpkin this year. Kyle does the carving.
The finished product! No one outside of our family would have any idea what this is, but I love it!
Teague has been obsessed with dinosaurs and dinosaur train lately. He's like Carter 2.0!
Ave and I laid outside for awhile on Saturday night. We played our last home game early (my JVs beat Senior!), and had a dinner with all the parents and players in the cafeteria. When we left the school, it was gorgeous out. We put a blanket out and watched the sky turn a million different colors.
The ash tree in the front yard is lovely this year!
Lastly, Carl and Jenny have been in town since Wednesday night. We've had lots of fun visiting with them (even when they wore these KC Royals shirts!). Laney has been very cuddly with them. She must be able to sense their love of dogs.

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