Monday, October 13, 2014

A lovely fall week!

Teague has a wide variety of awesome Halloween shirts that have been passed down from Landon and Carter. He really enjoys wearing them!
Emerson has a program to teach kids about exotic fruits and vegetable. Ave brought home a rambutan last week. She said not all the kids wanted to take one, but she was excited.
It looks like a little sea urchin, but it didn't have painful spikes.
There's the inside. The white jelly part is the edible part. Ave and I tried some. It was very sweet. That's a cool program they have.
Poor Teagie Pie has been exhausted lately. I think he might be growing again. This is him sleeping in the ball carrier at volleyball practice. It was super cute!
I hardly have any pictures of Carter this week because he got to go to his first overnight birthday party at Fairmont! We also had 5 others last week. I said it made me think about homeschooling (totally joking of course). Two of them were for Connor and Austin. I was in Missoula for volleyball, but the kids had tons of fun there!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were in this weekend. We had lots of fun just hanging out with them. We also had some tasty food (thanks again!) This is poor Teague passed out on a chair at The Derby!
Then again the next night, he was passed out at Mackenzie River. Carter did a nice photobomb here with his mouth full of Mac n Cheese!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got them some pretty great stuff at Walmart too. Toys, clothes, and winter hats and gloves. This is Ave before school this morning. She was having a lot of fun with her "Beados"!
Carter had a really fun football game tonight. Both teams scored 3 times, and it was cool to watch. I didn't get any good pictures of him, but I got a few from the playground. This is Teague's new fox hat. It is super cute!
We always have to do the swings before the game.
That is her new hat! She picked it just for the big yellow poofball on the head!
You can't really tell, but Carterman lost a tooth at school on Friday. This was right before Facetime with Erica and Landon.
We always love to visit with them. Baby is almost ready to arrive! Landon gave us a birthday list! Lots of exciting stuff happening!

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