Monday, October 6, 2014

Sports related

Arie Grey, the head football coach at Butte High, gave Kyle this shirt for Avery. It's way too big right now, but she loves it. It says, "Butte High Girls Work Harder." She has worn it to bed a couple times in the last week.
This is an average day when Teague doesn't go to preschool. He has 500 different toys out that I get to organize for him. Luckily he's pretty cute, so I can't get too annoyed with him.
We left volleyball practice a little early last Wednesday so we could get to Carter's football game on time. We even had 15 minutes to play at the playground. These two had a blast. I was freezing! Luckily I did think to pack hats and gloves. Copper Mountain has to be the windiest spot in Butte.
The boys have trouble sitting still. Sometimes they like to have a little scrimmage on the sidelines!
Kyle isn't listed as a coach, but he helps with the practices when he can. The kids all really like to talk to him. I think this picture is super cute.
I love this picture of Teague running home from Emerson. I know I have a lot of these, but they make me laugh. He had a good day. He got to be in the homecoming parade, which of course I forgot my camera for, and then had some DQ.
They look so cute in their purple and white. It brought the football team some good luck - they won 51-0!
Kyle and the kiddos came to the game that night. Carter found his buddy Colby at the football game. They came over and said hi to me while I sold 50/50 tickets. It was a beautiful night! No wind luckily!
Someone named Teague was super excited that his Wolverine costume came in the mail! Kyle even got him some stuffed claws. He loves them!
Everytime I think it's safe to possibly get rid of some toys, these guys start playing with them again. They've had the best time with this track the last week.
We watched the longest game in MLB postseason history the other night - 6 and a half hours! Luckily it turned out the way we wanted it to. Go Giants (I love these smiles too)! They lost tonight, but hopefully they can finish the series tomorrow.

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