Sunday, January 11, 2015

Party time! Excellent!

This little gangster looked pretty amazing in her new Puma outfit that we got her for her birthday. She makes brushing her teeth look good!
Teague likes to make beautiful music with his Mickey Mouse Piano mat and Landon's old violin. He usually likes to do this at about 11 pm!
Avers made a basket the other day! She didn't really seem to care either!
Carterman has been loving basketball. He had a sweet fast break the other day!
This picture is just killing me! Bath time is always fun.
All my kids keep stealing my new purple blanket from Terri! How dare they!
How Kyle feels about One Direction:
How Avery feels about One Direction:
Happy Birthday to my Boo Bear! We were lucky the One Direction rings came in the mail at 5 o'clock that day.
Oh yeah - we are ready to party!
My little man with a big cheesy grin!
Two of Ave's little friends who came to the party - Lily and Whitney.
Carter having fun in the pirate ship.
Time to build a house - it was impressive.
Teague and Liam are good buddies. They have been having a lot of fun together at family functions lately. They are both so cute too!
The couch in their "house". That's Ave's best friend Korin with the red hair. They sit by each other in school, talk about each other constantly, and play basketball on the same team.
What a nice house! That big red thing in front of Avery was a barbecue for her to "barbecue some sausage". She kills me.
Time to blow out the candles!
Teague and Liam were definitely ready for cake!
A smile from my girl.
Jordan was able to stop by after dance luckily.
Terr, Abb, and Jord got Ave a soft blanket of her own! She loves it!
She made out pretty fantastic on presents!
Daddy helped her stay organized.

Nice sunglasses! I love Mason checking them out, and Myla exploring in the background by herself. Ave had a wonderful time! Thank you to everyone for spoiling her! We appreciate all our family and friends :)
Liam and Jamie got Ave some Whoopie Pie mix for her Easy Bake Oven. We tried them out today, and they are delicious!

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