Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! Ave's Birthday!

One last night of our buddy Landon staying with Carter. They loved being together. We were glad their drive home was okay the next day. We are hoping Auntie Erica and Hawkins had good first days today (back at school and at daycare respectively).
Much to Kyle's chagrin, these two have been running around together in his NBA shorts. I don't know what game they are playing, but it makes me laugh!
Happy New Year! My Boo Bear was ready for present opening - I can't believe she's 6!
She loved all her stuff, but this One Direction blanket might be her favorite.
It was definitely a theme kind of birthday, at least from us. She also got some awesome stuff from both sets of grandparents, The Vetters, The Alaska family, and Terri, Abb, and Jord. You guys are the best! She's spoiled rotten, and she knows it.
This art set from Grandma and Papa Burgman should keep her occupied for a little while I hope.
Time to decorate the cake. I made the cake, and Kyle made some frosting. It was delicious. She is wearing her One Direction nightgown under her sweater too in case you are wondering.
She picked spaghetti and turkey meatballs for her birthday dinner. Delicious!
She was conducting while we sang to her!
This girl loves a good birthday. I still can't believe she's 6!
Her face made me laugh in this one :)
Carter has been super helpful lately. He did some of the cake plates after we were done. I think he's still expecting to get money for it!
Time for more sledding. We have had lots of fun over Christmas break at the hospital and Tech. Kyle came down a bit awkwardly here!
Jordan and Teagie Pie. This was after Jordan had to take her Mom into the hospital. Terr hit the fence and cut her head. Luckily she was okay, it just bled a lot. She's a trooper. The snow was super fast that day.
Ave trying out our new triangle inner-tube.
Abb and Jord before they raced down.
Me and my big boy. He was a little nervous after Terr got hurt, so we went to Tech. There are no fences there. We stayed there for another hour. It was awesome!
Grandma asked me to take a few outside pictures. Here are my little goofballs by the reindeer.
Their house always looks very festive!
Landon gave Carter a game called Mustache Smash for Christmas. It is lots of fun! Grandma and Ave had a good time just acting out their own little plays. Example: Ave- I am the Sherriff around here! Grandma - We'll see about that (while evilly twirling her mustache). I could hear Avery laughing from the other room!
Lastly, the Boo sleeping on couch cushions at Papa's house. Carter spent the night there about 5 times over the break. Ave had to get one in. For some reason, they like to sleep on the cushions instead of a bed!

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