Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Random middle of the week post!

Every once in a while this little guy still needs a nap. He couldn't even finish his fruit cup at lunch!
Sometimes Ave just has to dance!
She loves a little "Uptown Funk!"
Teague came out to dance too. Not sure what this move was, but I liked it.
Carter had cool hair the other morning. It took a lot of water to get it to stay down!
There's nothing like a Saturday morning Nerf gun fight!
Avery reading books out loud. She absolutely loves to read!
We had a little trip to the library on Saturday. It was ridiculously windy, and we needed to get them out of the house. They all had lots of fun. Teague found a cool dinosaur book.
Carter always enjoys playing on the giant gorilla and with all the blocks up there.
My girl picked out three books for herself. She is definitely my daughter!
Grandma is in Vegas for a coding conference. Papa told her they would wash her car while she was gone. He had lots of little helpers!
These two scrubbed and scrubbed!
Looks lovely and shiny!
She is always happy when there is music playing!
More cool hair. He went to bed like this and wore it like this to school the next day. He is a big fan of hair gel!

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